Relic weapons on new Horde maps

I haven’t been on the forum much lately so forgive me if this has already been discussed, but has anyone else found Relic weapons on the new maps?

I was playing my very 1st game of Atrium, I think it was Atrium, and while wandering the map I found a Relic Embar.

It loaded super slow but it pretty much 1 shot killed any enemy with a headshot, on Inconceivable wave 10+ no less, and I wasn’t even playing a class that gets a buff with an Embar or critical damage.

Has anyone else found these? Or found different ones in Horde? I know they originate in Escape but it was a really cool find.

Unexpected, nice job TC!


On Atrium there are 3 closed doors at the spawn that will open sometime during the game.
Behind those doors are 3 level 4 lockers and a bunch of Relic Weapons :
Retro Lancer

That’s as far as I remember.

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They’re only on Atrium as of now, for Horde. New addition in Op 7.

And those three doors near where the fab is? They open up and contain different Relic weapons.

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It’s a cool addition. I’d love to see random relic weapons added to far flung corners of regular maps. Spice stuff up.

I grabbed the Relic Embar but I’m so used to the timing of the normal one that I spent half the game releasing my finger through muscle memory before the shot was charged.

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Like I said in the Daily Horde Thread before, it’s the Strongest Weapon in Gears 5.