Relic weapons in multiplayer

Wouldn’t it be neat if TC did more with these? I thought they were a lot of fun in the campaign.

Relic weapon modes for pvp and pve could be interesting.

One hive does have a relic weapon - the ice dropshot.

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Pve I agree they should add, make more mini boss waves. I’d rather not have them in pvp though

I believe it is Ice Queen.

I did a lot of runs in that hive because it gives you a Longshot and there are tons of drones and snipers to grind out the headshot medal for Baird.

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That is correct.

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Heroes in Horde should have their own relic weapon. I know they’re not enough for all of the characters, but some of them could have the same relic weapon.

  • JD - Relic GL
  • Marcus/ COG Gear - Relic Lancer
  • Del/Kat - Relic Enforcer
  • Baird - Relic Embar
    And go on

It would be neat if those were unlockable skins. If they happen to drop in the store, I would gladly pay for them…

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I wouldn’t pay for them. But as unlockable skins they’d be cool!

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Relic Retro would be op in horde. It’s literally just a salvo lol

Some consideration to changing gameplay and enemies would have to be done as well of course.

The retro didn’t feel crazy overpowered in the campaign, but you’re right, with bleed card on it would be a bit much.

Not sure, could open possibility for fun weapon specific mini games though.

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Giving Del the relic retro in act 2 on insane made act 2 very easy, but in the hands of the player I agree it didnt do much, but campaign doesnt have perk cards and what not. Plus I’d still use it over the RL for the simple fact it holds more ammo

Would be a cool weekly event. KOTH with all relic weapons?