Relic weapons in horde

I enjoy using some of the relic weapon in the campaign. The longshot active reload extra bullet and the gnasher single slug were some of my favorite relic weapon in the game. I just hate that the only place you can used the relic weapon are in the campaign. T.C can y’all add relic weapon in horde/escape. I only know one escape map that has relic weapon. I just want try some of the different relic weapon in horde.

Also the relic skin are dope. Can y’all a the relic weapon in the supply drop.


would be impossible to balance, though would be fun if possible.

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Reminds me of the elemental cleavers in Gears 3. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cleaver. Mmmm
Mace, err, not so much. But, Cleaver. NICE !!!

Wasn’t OSOK the relic long shot? Maybe I’m thinking of Fazh and his reload skill.

Would be ok with a horde event featuring relic weapons.

That sounds like a good idea a horde event with the relics weapon. They’re always doing event for versus. I want see more horde event.

That would be fun and make characters like Marcus actually viable. So no, won’t happen.

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Interesting idea but yes definitely a balancing nightmare. I recall keeping the relic retro in campaign only to suddenly lose it before the matriarch fight. I was gutted. I suppose the easiest way to give relics more playtime would be arms race. No balance issues to address.

Marcus is fine as is now. U can almost run his Ultimate the whole game running Rifle Feedback, Last Ditch, Extended Mag, and his Lancer dmg card. The 5th one is up to u. Ive ran it from wave 11 all the way to 42 b4 we all got disconnected from servers. When last ditch kicks in u r running 135% more dmg on lancers. And the claw 85% more. They mow enemies down and just keep extwnding ur time.

Yeah, I know. But having an explosive retro lancer and whatever else the lancer and claw got would be a lot more fun than spamming blindfire,

This aged kinda poorly lol.

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Fahz with that relic Longshot would he op.

Iirc the Relic LS only gets 2 shots instead of one. Could just bring Longshot handling for a 15bullet mag.

Don’t worry they’ll inevitably nerf Marcus into the ground again.

@ TC XYZ person. Do you sell it in shop or restart even ?

As others have mentioned, this is exactly the kind of thing a Horde Event would be good for.

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