Relic weapon skin

Hi everyone,

Any idea why we still don’t have in MP this gorgeous skin set ? I talk about the Relic skin from the campaign. It is just damn beautiful and every weapon have a relic version.

Why TC don’t release it to MP ?



It’d be a nice reward and motivate me to beat the campaign on insane. But I expect them to come to the store for $4 a pop eventually.

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The skin is in the game since the beginning and yet they have not used it in the store or TOD.

Why would they create all these other skins (from TOD and store) although they could directly use the one they already have ?

That’s what’s bothering me the most.

It’s called the Colalition.

If it doesn’t make sense, that’s because it would make too much sense.

Looks similar to the Museum Set from the Operation 1 bundle.

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Except that’s more reddish-brown with gold, this is a more subtle iron and wood. Looks better imo.

Better than Kryll anyways.

Yeah the museum is close but I like the only « wood and gold » of the Relic one. The museum is IMO the best set to date (in term of realistic skin).

Me and a friend that I played the campaign with when the game came out said the same thing. The skins are awesome and Im not surprised at all at this point with some of TC’s decisions regarding skins

Like @Buster_McTunder said TC is probably waiting for the chance to sell us the skins

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7 months after launch and still not the skin, just a « cheap » museum reskin. Cheap in quality because the price was WTF.

I completely agree, they were 400 or 500 iron per weapon when they were in the store

The only way to actually save on the museum skins would be as a new player buying the Op 1 bundle other

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I’m honestly surprised at the quality of the Bundles while the rest of the store is so gougy. In the course of 4 OPs a year, those bundles might as well serve as a Year Pass like other games do. Makes me wonder if we’ll see some $50 passes in the future with all the Store content, so that even if you had bought/unlocked all the characters TC could still get money out of the people that missed Mechanic Baird.

But I am surprised to see 30-40$ worth of Gears 5 content crammed into 20$. I’d recommend any new player grab them if it includes the characters they want.

Damn that’d be a good marketing strategy. Damn you TC!

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One year later and still not available online. What the hell?