Relic Boltok carry-over

Purportedly you can carry over two relics from Acts 2 to 3. I haven’t seen this as neither of mine did, though I was told this was a bug.

At a certain point towards the end of Act 2 you lose your primary weapons but retain your sidearm. Is the same bug that deprived me of the Skiff-stored weapons preventing me from carrying over the Boltok, which you DONT lose towards the end of Act 2?

Far as I can tell, it’s either a bug that they don’t carry over, or that they do. On my first playthrough on Experienced the Relic Torque Bow came with me into Act 3 on the Skiff along with the other weapon on it, but on Insane they just vanished and the Skiff was empty when I went to it at the beginning of Act 3. Well, at least I could put the Boomshot and Dropshot I found nearby on it instead.

I collected all the relic weapons and killed with each. I even had a relic weapon in each slot.

Yet no achievement has ever unlocked for them.

where you playing as the 1st player or on someone else game?

I had the same problem and it seems like it has to be your game

I did the campaign solo first.

Like it had a certain percentage complete, but it seemed to have gotten stuck as I continued on.

I then played campaign co-op with a friend after and still nothing. I wasn’t host though.

Same with the collectibles.

I gave up checking earlier this week. I joined a random co-op campaign and we came across one of Jacks collectibles… neither of us could pick it up. Not the first that’s happened though.

I’m not playing that campaign again. Felt like all I was doing, was searching and picking up collectibles the whole time.

The Act II weapons on skiff also disappeared for me and a friend in Act III. BUT they would re-appear at some point, it was the water depot for me. You probably deleted yours by putting new weapons on.

Ah well. Didn’t really do me any harm since the Dropshot and Boomshot came in quite handy, and besides some sections I didn’t actually find Insane on Gears 5 that difficult to beat. Had me less frustrated than Gears 4 Insane for sure, overall.

This topic is extremely old lmao but I used search like a good soldier… anywho I never got credited for beating the campaign so decided randomly to do so… also decided to knock the relic achievement out along the way… but I left Relic Enforcer and Relic Longshot chillin on the skiff… did the new hope mission, skiff was empty lmao… I guess F that achievement then.

This bug is consistently happening ever since TC “fixed” the weapon eating lockers in Horde. Not fun.

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Sounds about right lol