Release the option to kick players in Horde mode!

There’s too many people that play Horde and do nothing to get rewards, may I get the option to kick that kind of parasites???

You already have it. Hit pause as the host, go to social tab and as long as the player you want to throw out hasn’t blocked you, you can kick them out.


There should be a simple vote to kick system in place though, if you’re not the host.
Too many afk:ers around.

Definitely not. It always gets abused. I used to play elder scrolls and low level players would kick you for killing all the enemies before they could and even on here; I’ve had people move my turrets because they were getting all the kills. They’re the sort of people to kick you when you’re simply playing normally

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Theres an option as long as you are the host. pause the game social tab kick the player you feel like kicking.

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