Relative damage dealing, Kait, Fahz, JD (numbers)

I was doing some tests, and capturing videos , to show my friends that meta characters are waaaaay better with their own weapons, not triahots, salvos, etc…

All of my characters are pretty high, not maxed, but up there, and they are about the same level up/cards (like level 4 bleed with level 4 blood resonance and laceration, level 4 ambush, etc).

I want to list what i found, and just get comments from others, what they think, did i mess something up, etc…

So first, to establish a baseline, i got a trishot… Kait was using it on the flock, i emptied half of it (70 shots) before i died (i wasnt trying to stay alive, i wanted data), and i did about 18, 000 damage.

Then i restarted, and went after a flock with my grasher. 3 active gnasher shots did about 50, 000 damagw

Then i went after a snatcher with an active overkill. I put 4 shots into it (so full mag) and run away, hiding, to let bleed run… Those 4 shots did 90, 000 damage.

So half trishot = 18, 000
3 gnasher = 50, 000
4 overkill = 90, 000

I believe a salvo rocket does 1500 damage, so we can add

Full salvo = 30, 000 damage

Yeah, anyone who thinks grabbing a heavy weapon as Kait is good is wasting their time

Then Fahz… Close to max perks, and level 4 ambush and critical hit CARD and 15% longshot damage card, active headshots on undamaged opponents: over 10, 000 damage each… A non ambush headshot was over 3000… A shoulder hit waa 2400…

So with a 20 round longshot Fahz can do over 200, 000 damage, with headshots… Like whoa…

Then i tried JD… I have level 5 boomshot and GL damage cards, level 4 bleed, level 6 officers perogative.

I saw a fair emount of variation in these tests, i might have missed things, would welcome data from others…

An active dropshot headshot on a carrier did about 12, 000

A non active boomshot was about 15, 000

An active boomshot was about 30, 000

And now the GL… I was getting between 30, 000 and 40, 000 damage per volley, and i didnt see much/any difference between active and non active.
AND i didnt see the assault rifle perk having any impact on the explosive damage

Finally artillery…

Without extra rounds artillery was 30, 000 damage.
With maxed level 6 officers perogative artillery was about 60, 000 damage.

This, if accurate, means they gave us the most useless ultimate in the game… Maxed artillery is equivalent to two active boomshot rounds??? Two shots from a loadout weapon?


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