Rejoining a Ranked Match

I should be able to rejoin a ranked match when I leave purpose.

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When you leave on purpose?

Sounds like someone has rage quit syndrome

Got anymore good jokes


You can’t be serious.

But if you are:

No. You quit. You betrayed your entire team and therefore are not worthy to return to the battle field.


It makes no sense. Why would he intentionally leave a match and then rejoin minutes later? Did he suddenly come to his senses and have remorse for F-ing over his whole team? No. Likely he tried to play another ranked match after abandoning ship and he found out he was BANNED until he paid his penance.

Quitting a ranked match is one of the worst sins in Gears . Bad teammate.


This isn’t even a good joke lmao


I don’t know about on purpose but why isn’t rejoining a thing period? People lag all the time and sometimes its on TCs end so why not provide the feature YOUR COMPANY offered in the last game?

Maybe I don’t play enough rank and lag out but I don’t remember being able to join back in the TDMs/KOTHs I quit but I was gladly presented with a rank ban instead. Very good joke indeed.

Gears 4 : We’re going to let you pick different skins for your COGs and Swarm!
Gears 5 : We’re going to remove these feature because shutup

Gears 4 : In the story Scions can revive their allies similar to Kantus!
Gears 5 : Yeah we forgot about that, my bad.

Tbf you can usually rejoin now if you’ve lagged out.

Been dashboarded a few times loaded gears back up and jumped back into my ranked game just in time to see us lose.


thanks for clearing that up
I was under the impression it was just not in the game anymore because of my recent experience with ranked
I’ve yet to get a rejoin option

TC spoke of changing KOTH to 4v4 and gave lag and drop out as one of the reasons, i never bought it cause there’s still many drops in many games ,both teams and what makes it worse, since Operation 6 many persons when rejoin team, they don’t get their previous score, u start back from 0 which is terrible flaw also in ranking system.

wait a second.

I thought there wasn’t an actual quit button when you play Ranked?

if this is still the case then it doesn’t matter how the OP quit a match (pulled the cord, dashboard). the game treats it the same and should be able to rejoin a match.