Reimbursement of Iron... (yea right lmao)

I just wanna know if I am going to get reimbursed my Iron for the Cobweb set… I mean I know I won’t, but it’s kinda BS isn’t it? Why is it my fault you guys never released the final set? Now when you eventually do, I already know it’s going to be the entire set for Iron or Gears Coins… with me having to spend all that without it even being smart enough to know which ones I already have and thus only charge me the difference… that’s total crap to me.

I agree if you paid real currency most of those items should of been locked away. Or only available for Iron. I know TC probably needed to have some type of content to make there new store presentable. What ever is missing from it now should remain missing or only available for Iron. Moving forward TC should have different items for iron and gear coins. Some for both. What’s done is done but moving forward if TC sells something purely for iron it should remain that way, and not be brought back to the store at a later date because they didn’t want or have time to design new cosmetics and figured they can just recycle S***.

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Heard that and especially dumb here, I don’t even usually buy the sets in chunks like that, but liked the Cobweb set so took the chance… but low and behold they never released the Precision set…

Now we got a new store… which I do like the new store, but with them never releasing the final set of the set and THEN doing this new store… one of 2 things is going to happen… they never add Cobweb, I will never have a completed set… wasted all that Iron for most of a set, but not all of it…

Or two… they release the entire set in the new store with Iron or GC for the WHOLE set… and of course I have to pay full price for 4 fkn guns… because THEY never released the last set… just the ultimate smh.

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This seems like a good life lesson. These systems are created to bleed hardcore fans dry until a game is almost dead then the economy becomes fair. It happened in 4, it’s happening in 5 and Mark my words they will pull this b.s. in 6 by creating a whole new predatory economy. Just eat the money and don’t let it happen again.


Buyers remorse

Sorry, I have no sympathy for this problem, yea it’s BS, it’s only ever been BS an it will only ever be BS.

But then I’m in the group of ppl who protest these systems, push for ppl to not support the overpriced greed in the hopes that if no one buys this crap, and it is crap, we maybe one day have games release with game mechanics and not a sh*tty predatory skin system

BUT ppl have been buying into the crap, those ppl are the enemy, the problem, the tools that keep the wheel turning, and it needs to break

I prey this helps you take steps back into the light, back onto the side of righteousness, back into the loosing team lol

Man I’m wasted, nothing personal buddy



I clearly done said I didn’t buy other skin sets that was just partials… go figure those they did keep up their end of finishing out the sets… but the ONE set I did it, they don’t finish for whatever reason only they know… but let’s just keep ranting at me as if I’m one of those people you speak of.

@TheProduct_Z Yea I don’t even really care tbh I still have over 2k Iron that’s only being spent on re-rolls now, which I normally only did the free re-rolls and waited til the next day for new challenges… but now that Iron is useless, re-rolls it is.

None the less I was just shedding light of their own incompetence to finish out the last 4 guns of a set before changing everything… and not even sure why that is, considering by normal schedule it should have been out 2 weeks before Op 4 even launched, but yet was nowhere to be found the last 2 store updates of Op 3.

And I clearly said

Didn’t see the part you mentioned on account of being wasted but I do see you’re clearly not a massive supporter of this cr@p so no, I wonþ let them keep ranting at you, I’ll put a stop to it after an hr or two :yum:

I do agree you’ve been shafted for what it’s worth, an I only fight this good fight to help protect ppl like you in this unfair situation for the simple fact its total BS an I hate seeing ppl get ripped off by skummy systems designed to rip ppl off

Hope ya get ur stuff fairly without needing to pay for a bunch of stuff twice just because they like your money so much they think they can rob ya without being held to higher standards of fair trade

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