Reimagine "Ranked"

I have been thinking of this idea for a few weeks but i’m typing this up now as a friend asked for my opinion on something. I feel like this idea could potentially “fix” a number of “issues”.

Issues such as -

Matchmaking time
Content Creation
Unenjoyable playstyles
People unhappy with rank system
Gears allies

Keep the GP system with the progression Bronze > Masters but scrap then ENTIRE ranked system as we know it now and rebuild from scratch but this time focusing Ranked to actual tactical play that rewards and requires teamwork, not individual player progression.

A big problem for so long is that Ranked has players who matchmake solo, whilst occasionally a solo player is skilled enough to hold their own with a randomly matchmade team, more often than not this random teammate is clueless and usually single handedly makes a team lose. This isn’t fun for the player who’s getting demolished or the team who’s actually attempting to win.

I would like to see individual player skill ranks removed entirely and be replaced with a team rank (i’ll come back to this).

I would like to see the current Social playlist scrapped and reworked. Each mode should be removed as it’s all too casual, Have it all replaced with the current versions of Ranked for each mode that doesn’t have bots, but allows for 5 stacks. Have this on rolling lobbies to eliminate a lot of the Matchmaking issues that people regularly face. I feel like it’s evident that Gears doesn’t have the playerbase to support a system like we currently have. I think this would be where most of the population would play, it’d remove the incentive to “win at all costs” due to a meaningless rank whilst allowing for the possibility and liklihood of stacks coming accross stacks for a good match. If a player doesn’t like the lobby of players they’re in, they can quit out and find another lobby without really impacting anyone else. That’s good for both them and everyone else in the lobby.

Now to come back to Ranked. Use the Gears allies system for this but tweak it slightly so that players can create a team within this system, Players who create their own teams will be given a Team Rank (Bronze). Players within this team must all be in a squad together to search for a Ranked match, no randomly filled slots. This removes the issue of having random players which totally removes the skill aspect, but also means that there’s less chance of quitters and also means that a team can work as a team without complaining of kill stealing, without complaining of a teammate earning more progress in rank etc… The team would progress or drop together as a team. This team could have 20-30 people (example) who all play their own matches and all contribute towards the team’s overall skill rating and try working towards trying to become a Master team. This would mean that a Matchmaking system would only need to attempt to match an Onyx vs Onyx team (example), rather than trying to look at every single player, if a team decides to pick up a player who is less skilled then that’s their choice, vice versa, if a lower skilled player decides to join a high skilled team then that’s on them. In this instance though for the sake of quicker matchmaking, there wouldn’t be a huge issue however as if a Silver rated team were to be matched against an Onyx rated team, they wouldn’t lose too much GP from the entry fee, given that they’d be the underdogs that’d be fair so even a mismatched game wouldn’t really matter too much (Potentially have a boost for beating a higher ranked team). I recognise this probably wouldn’t have the population that would be desired but it’d at the very least provide the option for a better feeling competitive play mode whilst also offering what should be an overall better matchmaking system for most players who’d likely remain in the rolling lobby social matches.

This would also be good for content creators, there’s nothing worse than streaming Gears to have a matchmaking time 30+ minutes. Most content creators likely only play Ranked because the Social is too casual in it’s current state, not because they care about their rank.

As it stands now, the GP system is very good but it’s wasted on trying to reward individual players in an area of the game which is meant to be about team based play. As is stands now, Ranked is still just public, it’s not truly competitive despite what some people seem to think. It’ll never be as compeitive as GB but I think it’s the closest you could create within the game for all to get involved in.

honestly, no.
we need a bigger array of items to be measured on a personal level THEN match people that can complement each other and form a team.

after the population problem (crossplay, developer’s faults bla bla bla) matchmaking is the issue
we shouldn’t depend on a number that gets compared to another rather than a multiple set of numbers that may define a player. What’s surprising is the fact that a lot of individual stats are tracked already:

  • kills per minute
  • score per minute
  • eliminations per minute
  • uptime
  • ring captures per minute

these should be matched against other teammates and against the enemy team.
the system already knows who a player is. it needs a better matchmaking to allow for balanced matches

but these days we should fight population issues
too many playlists, ranked and social, crossplay
we are all gears players but we’re not playing together

But the problem is that I don’t believe we’re split as badly as people think, I believe there’s barely any of us.

there’s barely any of us and who’s there is helped in avoiding other parties

this makes me laugh and cry simultaneously