Region lock in Gears 5?

I dunno about y’all but I think Gears should only be cross country/cross region in social/arcade.

Talking to teammates and coordinating is really hard when half the people you play with don’t even speak the same language.

I understand teaming up with friends if you’re competitive but even during casual gameplaybthe ability to communicate would be nice.

Hell, Dark Souls doesn’t even have voice chat but communication is still possible with gestures!

Would be cool if they implemented an auto translation option for the in-game text chat

The biggest problem is that Mexico is considered North America and thats why they connect to US servers. This is something thats out of TC’s hands. The only hope we have is if Microsoft puts a server in Mexico

That would be great. But its not hard to translate NOOB jajajajaja to English

I mean, I run into some sophisticated Mexicans from time to time.

But I was mostly thinking they wouldn’t understand me, so it’d be nice if they could translate my toxic English to Spanish.

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