Region Change? Play early

So Gears 5 will be available at September 5th. Depending on your refuin, you can okay at a certain time.

Does anyone know if there is a trick so that you change your region so that you can play earlier? Like to Australia.

Found some old threads on reddit that dates a long way back. So is there anyone here that has recent experience with this and how to do it ?


Just go in to settings and change your console location. If you are purchasing the game, you must do the region change before you make the purchase. If you are using gamepass, it will work whether you’ve already downloaded or not.

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I already purchased the game.
I heard some say, that I should uninstall, change region to Australia and then download it again. Then it should work, but since I haven’t tried it before and won’t be able until the 5th, I wanted to hear if someone here have had any experience.

I used to buy games from hong kong store to play 8 hours early but It doesnt work if you didnt purchase the game from that regions store. Deleting the game and re downloading it from australia wont unlock it at the australian release time.

I never tried this trick with ultimate game pass, I really hope it unlocks at australian time when I change my region.


Like I said, won’t work if you’ve already purchased the game.

it release s sep 5th no matter what region you are in ,

He meant by that : Exemple

I’m French, for me it is (right now Friday 08/30 - 00:18 AM) BUT
At my time, At Australia it is right now 08:18 AM

So if it works i would be able to play (21:00 - 9PM) 8 hours earlier (so 9PM for them) which means 13:00 (1PM for me) Don’t know if it is clear notted this way, but it is clear in my mind :grin: :laughing:

from what I read yesterday from gears is it releases 5th sep -usa, 5th sep aussie/nz, 5th sep uk/ europe, if it is the 5th sep in a region/country, that is when it gets released no matter what date it is anywhere else

Yes, we are all aware of that. But play 20 hours early is a perk for some folks.

It’s stupid we have to do this region change stuff to unlock early when we’re in the region where the damn game sells the most in the first place. Why screw us over and unlock for NZ 16 hours early? Unlock worldwide simultaneously so we all logon at the same moment. Nobody care if the 50 people who bought the game in NZ are technically waiting an extra 16 hours. It’s not fair to let everyone else play early and expect others to sit here with their thumbs up their ■■■■■.

If you’re not changing region, you might as well watch someone stream the whole campaign while you wait so you can go straight to online modes. I don’t care about campaign anyway, so that option doesn’t work for me.