Regarding the new character unlock system

i have not logged in or seen the update. what is this totem system?

There have been no new characters added to this game since it launched, until today.

Batista is not a new character, he’s a skin. Terminator, Sarah Connor, and Halo are characters, not skins. They have unique abilities in Horde and Escape.

There’s a major difference between skins and characters. Characters are for example Fahz, then Desert Fahz is a skin. However Fahz is unlockable forever in the game (I know he was a launch character just making an example). So yeah you might miss his skin in ToD, but he’ll always be available.

Same applies to the new characters today. Cog, Warden, RAAM, and DeeBee. All of these characters will be available to be unlocked by completing challenges, forever. You can also buy them instantly in the store if you don’t want to grind. That will most likely expire, but you still can unlock them by playing. That won’t go away, ever.

ToD will only ever have new character and weapon skins, not actual new characters. Those come via game updates like we saw today. Since these characters come with unique abilities and powers, TC has to develop each one before releasing them.

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Totally agree.

For Savage Theron you must beat Beast mode at insane.
For Super Star Cole you must get 150 mvp medals…
For Prescott you must get Onyx at every list from TmD to Wingman.
For the Golden Hunter gold at every medal weapon (I think it was 500 kill each).


You missed the point, you can earn them at the same time. This system only allows you to earn them one at a go


Here’s the list:

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Gears 3s system of unlocking characters was one of the best


I mean, the fact that each character was already in the campaign and now you have to unlock them is kind of lame


There are a few problems. Firstly, the requirements are stupid. They force you to play a LOT of modes that people might not enjoy. That’s ridiculous. If a horde character was tied to horde requirements etc… ok. Seems logical. But for all characters to have a set list of requirements that forces you to play all the garbage, and then 1 unique requirement on top is just stupid.

The other problem is how they work with the character skins. If they are selling a skin or you earn a skin in a tour, you have to have the base character unlocked before you can use the “skin”. Which means if you decide to spend $10 or $15 or even $20 on a character skin, but didn’t have the base character unlocked, you’re now screwed and either have to play a bunch of trash to unlock a base character, or spend another $5 to unlock a base character to use a skin you literally just paid for. They’re double dipping and being greedy AF!

While in theory, it’s not a terrible system. But when you break it down and look at it for what it really is, it’s absolute trash and completely anti consumer.


The raam unique requirement is gonna be a pain. You can play for days and never be put on the swarm side in versus

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Then just spend 500 iron, or don’t get the new characters. Simple.

Bottom line is the options are there for you, something we haven’t seen since Gears 3 and that was lacking in Gears 4.

Also there’s no expiration on these challenges. So it’s not like it’s a race.

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I’m so sick of people and their BS, “buy them or don’t. It’s your choice”. This isn’t a FTP game. It’s not a moba. It’s not Warframe, Destiny or WoW. This is a damn full price third person shooter. We don’t need MTX, or ridiculous grindy BS that incentivize the MTX to unlock things that have been available to everyone for the last 13 years.

Why do you think they charge for it?

Because people want it.

So saying don’t buy it because it doesn’t matter is a completely moot argument. I’m so sick of people saying that. If these items were of no consequence, they wouldn’t be holding them behind paywalls.

Your holier than thou approach to conversing with people is so irritating.


It’s just hella confusing. I’m not sure about everyone else but I’m not seeing any challenges for the characters and I don’t see them in the store

You’re making zero sense dude. You have the option to earn the character through playing the game with no time limit, or simply buying it with in-game currency. I’ve already acknowledged that these characters aren’t the greatest and aside from the Warden should have been launched with the game. But aside from that the actual system is good.

It’s a win win. Play or Pay. What’s the issue dude.

As for your issue with MTX, well that’s a different topic. Welcome to modern gaming.


The fact that you can only do them one at a time is basically just either going to make people not do them at all or already dwindle the population. Gears 3 had options that could be done on top of all your other options.

It wasn’t this one at a time nonsense which is done solely to extend the grind for whatever reason. I want the COG Gear but I hate playing Escape. Guess I either decide if this crap is worth it or go play something else.

This system is pointlessly clunky and grindy just to keep people attached to the game and it is the hottest ■■■■■■■■. 10 hours to unlock a single character with no progression on the other characters. This is the used car salesman version of Gears 3 where they don’t tell you what ‘free’ means.

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Gears 3 also released 8 years ago in a completely different gaming world and era.

It’s not a fair 1 : 1 comparison. I’m not defending the current state of gaming, but Gears 5 is not doing anything new. The enitre gaming industry is doing it. Hek even Nintendo of all companies is doing it!!

The more I see these complaints the more I realize it’s not really related to Gears 5, but moreso the current landscape of the gaming industry that people are not happy with. And I don’t blame them.

But all that being said, I’d say TC actually did a decent job of still offering a way to unlock these characters while keeping MTX as a strictly alternative option. Grindy? Yes. But no one is forcing you to spend. It’s a good mix of the old Gears 3 unlock system combined with the current MTX era of gaming (Which I’m sure TC has no say on).

Anyway, I have bad news for you guys, micro transactions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Get used to it or just start playing single player games only (which are not immune to this new trend either).


“the requirements are stupid. They force you to play a LOT of modes that people might not enjoy. “
It has not always been like this? You not remember when you had to complete the campaign in insane or the Big money medal? Those were a pain in the ■■■. YES is annoying that you only can have one totem active but it’s not a big problem, the challenges are pretty simple.

In my opinion, this totem system is decent and some complains are pretty Unjustified.


I actually don’t care about the MTX in this game or most games. Mostly because there is extremely little value in the skins they put on the store for me and the prices are a little absurd for what they’re offering.

What I care about is it respecting my time. This game doesn’t, this game wants my wallet for my time and they’re gonna have to put some more effort than this.

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Yeah I see what you mean. Hopefully the next wave of characters is better and more impactful. For now there is plenty to keep people busy until Operation 2.

That’s not the problem. The problem is if people actually want to stay to do them. The more people have to do to get things they want from a game lacking in content is how you get into a weird spot. You justify the grind by putting it with content people actually want but even then the vocal playerbase just wants it to not be complicated and force people to play what they don’t want to get content they do want.