Regarding the new character unlock system

Didn’t fans ask for a similar system to Gears 3 to unlock characters? They also included an option to instantly buy for those who don’t want to wait or grind.

Wasn’t that THE biggest complaint of Gears 4? (RNG loot boxes that never guaranteed your drop, and no option to buy until the end of Gears 4’s life). Now we have the option to unlock by playing, or immediately purchasing for 500 iron (5 bucks). And there are no expirations either for unlocking characters, or limited time offers like in Gears 4.

I’m genuinely confused. Are people so pissed off at this game/TC that regardless of what is said or announced, it just doesn’t matter anymore?

Is it because you were expecting better characters? Fair enough, but what exactly is wrong with the unlock system itself?


the fact that you cant unlock them at the same time is a big no no, they know what they are doin


ding ding ding, we have a winner


This system is spot on. Critics are towards characters I guess but TC needs to delete the store and replace it with this totem thing.


They are mostly underwhelming, this is true.

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Refresh my memory, Was Gears 3 different? Been a while. Didn’t each character have to be unlocked separately?

I’m asking for real, it’s been a long time.

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if i remember they had different requirements you could get whenever

Ok good to see that at least some people are acknowledging the system is good.

Characters? Fine. I agree they should have been better and some of these should have been launch day characters. Warden is awesome, DeeBee maybe, the others should have been launch.

But system wise, this is where it needs to be.


Indeed they are, but at least it will be amusing in Horde: f**king bot why didn’t you revive me? Ohh, its not a bot, just a crappy human player.


I believe this to be a great balance simply because you get to choose, pay or grind.

In G4 you could unlock everything grinding credits but its RNG store was bulls**t, now we have no RNG store AND a progression unlock system.

Finally someone at TC had a good idea.


So you have unlimited time to unlock them?


Exactly. If the community shoots this down too, then honestly there’s no hope at this point.

This is genuinely a great update.


Yup, take as long as you like.


Yes, the store might change, but in terms of grinding it will remain forever. TC mentioned this before in previous updates leading up to launch.


Well then, we can’t really complain. That is entirely fair.

I seen the trailer and thought ■■■■ this will be a timed window, forcing us to buy. I was wrong! That’s good.

Good update!


I’m not at home to check the requirements to unlock them so Ill withhold my opinion on them. Except for RAAM the rest of the line up is a let down. I was hoping for Baird, Cole train or Paduk. It wouldn’t be asking for much since they’re models are in the game already. If the unlock requirements are reasonable I will probably think it’s acceptable.

Well, my main problem is that there is exclusive, in-store content that is - for one - not unlockable through gameplay, but also only available for a limited time and then “vaulted” creating artificial high-demand. On top of that, we are being sold these cosmetics at absurd prices.

In regards to this statement, there are expirations and limited time offers in this game - arguably moreso than in G4. T

The TOD is a 3 month cycle. The characters in the TOD rewards will either go away or go to the store if you’ve missed them, so in a sense they are both expiring and limited time offers. For those that don’t have A LOT of time to spend grinding in a 3 month period, they will not be able to unlock these characters. Additionally, characters available for purchase in store are generally only available for 1 week unless “brought back by popular demand” :rofl:

Obviously the RNG lootbox system was a pain in the ■■■, but at the very least, you were earning in-game currency to get more elite packs and could scrap duplicates to create the characters that you want. In this game, it’s either grind a lot in a limited time frame or purchase. Even then, you can’t just buy the characters in the TOD - you must grind to get them, but you only have 3 months.


In ToD those are just skins for existing characters. They could make returns in furture Operations or as store items, but once again they are only skins.

New characters however can be unlocked forever via this new system.

I think TC just needed to communicate everything better. It’s a lot of changes at once to a franchise that has remained relatively the same for a long time. I think if people actually understood the system better they would see there is actually a lot of good here.

And on top of that ToD is 3 months. That’s a long time.

I guess I don’t understand what you mean, then - they haven’t released any “new characters” yet (aside from Batista and the Halo/Terminator special skins) The only thing to come out is new skins.

EDIT: I haven’t logged on yet today so I haven’t seen the new characters released as of today

In the past, characters were available forever also once unlocked?

In regard to the TOD - 3 months might be plenty of time for you, but what about others? Maybe someone is traveling or working and can’t put in all of the time in this particular 3 months. In Gears 3 for example, there was no time limit to unlocking characters - just things like “get to level 10 to unlock “X” character” Even weapon skins were earned through game play achievements.

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how many more systems are going to be put into this game. it’s getting ridiculous.

  • Supply Drop
  • Tour of Duty
  • Medals
  • Escape/Ranked Rewards
  • Storefront
  • Totems