Reflecting Drop shots...a recommended good time

You know, there are a few things that can happen in Horde matches that are rare, but when they happen they feel so good, it almost makes me love Gears again.

I was recently playing Clayton with reflect and reflect shredder turned on, and I reflected a drop shot round from a Scion. I don’t know if this always happens in such a case, but the drop shot round hit the Scion like it was a critical head hit, that created an explosion so big it killed 9 enemies (between the initial explosion and the bleeding damage from it).

Do reflected explosives get magnified? I swear reflected boomshot rounds, my personal favorite before this happened, seem to do far more damage than if I’m playing JD and I just shoot a boomshot round myself.

But reflecting drop shot rounds is now my #2 favorite thing in Horde, with #1 still being catching a pouncer with a chainsaw (that always just feels great).


Bleed repeats the designated damage output for 5 seconds so even if it’s just a little good then 5x a little good becomes mighty wonderful. Headshot damage seems mighty close to double so double a little good, splash 9 then quintuple it and that’s some tasty sweet luck :smiley:

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I believe all enemy damage values are higher than if we (human players) were to use the same weapon. You can see the differences in damage when JACK hijacks something (or before it was patched, using the old hijacked weapons).


Oh! It was a Scion on level 8 Frenzy.

That means it was using a drop shot that does x2 base damage anyway.

So x2, x2 (critical), +bleed. Yep, devastating.

I’d have loved to have been there for that :smiley:

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Headshots don’t appear to increase bleed damage. The best example of this being Mac’s Boltok.

Now I need to turn into a nerf monger so I can smile instead of frown :thinking: