Reduces the noise of the footsteps from characters Karn, Jermad, Theron, Kantus. When you play one of them, it makes a lot of noise when you are running

This characters (Kantus, Jermad, Theron, Karn, RAAM) make a lot of noise when you are walking around or even running, Unlike other characters like the locust Drone or Grenadier they don’t make much noise when running. Ty


I run Karn, and think the footsteps are pretty much quiet ( normal footstep sounds)


I play as karn too and every match i play with him i manage to always successfully sneak behind the enemy team with him . I honestly think He is the most quiet character made so far for the game because i never manage to do that with any other character.

Try not to run in all the time, maybe then the sounds will stop.