Reduce number of difficulties in horde mode

Do we really need the population of this mode split 7 ways? I would like to see it down to 3-4 max. Game has been out a 2 months and I’m already having trouble finding full teams in any of the difficulty silos with the exception being peak hours on the weekends.

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Just use the lobby list.

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Thanks for the tip. I actually never realized you could do that.

Problem is there is some sort of bug that prevents you from joining most of these games although you keep on refreshing and you can still see there is 2-3 places left.
Not to mention trolls waiting for somebody to leave just to screw your 1 hour+ long run.

So as long as there are bugs and the host can’t kick people out of his game, that’s not the perfect solution …

In my experience,if I want a full team to join,I have to start in wave 21 at least.
That way we have energy to build things or buy perks,put the fabricator were the power tabs appears,and the more important thing,anyone joins because it only takes a little more than 1h to reach 50.