Redownload 64gb (THE WHOLE GAME) after the 2 last updates! FIX?! Any1 else?

Had to redownload the game after both of the last most recent updates with no error message or anything… 64GB on a fast pc even takes an hr or more, complete waste of my time… let’s make this known so we can get the fixes we deserve !

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Please provide a little more information so people with similar issues can compare. This is not the first post of its kind so we should gather some data. Are you on PC or Console? Specs? Free space on hard drive? Was this a forced download or did you run into some issue that you could only resolve by redownloading?

Every update this happens to a few users gauging by the responses by Octus. Apparently it is an issue with the downloading process/store rather than something TC themselves can specifically help with.

You could submit a bug report here:

TC can then give that data to MS to see if they can figure out why this happens to people.