Redo the Gears 5 store

I paid 80 buck for this game and I don’t like the way the content is handled. Microtransactions, forced weekly items that go away . Just please bring back the old items or make it so I can buy the stuff I missed in the game from the Xbox store in the console itself. Please do something it’s not fair I and many others miss out on stuff because of the weekly store I paid $80 and I’m feeling like this game content is being handle like it was free to play.


I am sure they will change it now!


They changed the store once already so I don’t see why they can’t do it again.

And they even brought back all Operation 2 character skins at the end of the Operation. Seems like they have a lot of wiggle room here and it would be good to see some old store skins return for people who want them.

Brother…I said it’s possible because it means more micro-transactions. What are you arguing against?

What does your post even have to with the store? You’re just complaining about maps.

Sorry about that, I never actually wrote that post.My stupid ■■■ cousin thought it would be funny to make me look like an idiot and write down something that makes no sense(He for some reason play gears but hates it so much except for a few things so that’s why it makes no sense, sorry about the stupid long post about him complaining about stupid sh*t that doesn’t make sense).

Now for the real post,I really hope they actually do make some changes as they were emphasizing a lot about big changes coming to gears in OP4 and although I feel that most changes will happen for PvP and maybe PvE there is still a possibility that they may make a few small changes.I hope they bring back some older content into the store since there were a lot of things that I wanted to get from the store but couldn’t since I didn’t have enough iron at that moment.I guess a change would be to have smaller prices for things like how they did in gears 4 with the packs but who knows just gotta be patient and see.

I’m tired of waiting. It seems to me that when they decide to return the previous skins, there will be no players left in the game to buy this sh*t

You could be right. They did the same with 4 and abandoned ship right afterwards.

Thanks Ron! And your right I think this was the real push we need to make a actual change! God bless America!

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On the flip side, the current monetization scheme makes it hard to over-spend in Gears 5 when compared to other micro-transaction-heavy games.

Except for @III_EnVii_III

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Wait I just realized something, why was this post flagged?

My main issue with the store is the ridiculous prices. A skin for an existing character should not cost 10 dollars.

They don’t cost 10 dollars anymore

The only ones that currently still do are the Chrome Steel skins which I often think are priced very high for their relatively medium quality.

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But those aren’t part of TC’s regular content flow, it’s all for esports

I know but they should have never costed that much in the first place lol

I don’t know, I see it as supporting the esports scene too it’s not just buying the skin
But that’s just my opinion

On another hand I feel the store should gain some consistency, as I’ve said before that some skins are free in TOD and some are paid
(lt. Del vs lt. Fenix)
(Hivebuster Marcus vs Hivebuster Cole)
What’s store worthy?

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Dont get me wrong, I’ll support the game and I actually got the chrome clayton skin because I like clayton. But you’re right there needs to be better consistency with the store. Hopefully the shakeups at TC will bring that.

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