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Red syndrome skins?

(Clerkies) #1

Why did they not make a red version of this skin because i want to use red skins in my locust. They need to add in more teasm color skins like from gow3

(jvergoth) #2

You should search Midnight Omen.

(Clerkies) #3

its just not the same

(Gigant0pithecus) #4

Because of the logo? They’re basically the same and making Red Syndrome would be a poor use of resources and a wasted skin when one so similar already exists in game. They also have the Phantom skins, Team Animal, and Team Glow which change to reflect the Locust or COG side.

(ll R E D l) #5

you want red syndrome skins look no further than the swarm pod skins.

(alohahudson) #6

They couldve just have red trippy and blue trippy. Imo