Red Dead Redemption II (GAMEPLAY TRAILER)



If it’s not on pc, i’m not buying it. Shame, it looks cool.

GTA V took some time, but came rocking on 4K 60fps, no?

RDR 2 gameplay trailer just released and man am I impressed! its definitely going to be game of the year for sure.

cannot wait to enjoy this finally new rockstar title on my X in 4k . its been 8 years since the last game and 5 years since gta 5 released and this is just art.

the game is carefully thought out i mean this is a game thats taking so many years to polish and pefect, wish more games were developed as carefully as this game.

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I’m not impressed. Because we’re two months away from the release and what they’re showing is basically nothing.

“Look how beautiful are our world and our animations.”

I wouldn’t call that a “gameplay” video.

I’m disappointed by Rockstar hypocrisy these last few years. Canceling story DLC for Online crap (grind for hours to get one thing, or buy our Shark Cards), releasing no games for years and we still have the same formula over and over again. And, of course, the strategy of the double dip for PC players.

I’m not saying the game won’t be good (it’s not even released!), but I’m not excited for a new Rockstar game anymore.

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GOTY…I’m willing to bet on it…Day one buy for me and NOTHING else (besides AC Odyssey) will be going into my xbox one x…GOW 4 will most likely be destroyed or just sit and collect dust after the achievements come out in Sept.

The way its formatted, the video sounds more like a business presentation than a gameplay trailer.

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to it. Revolver holds a special place in my heart and Redemption 1 was a masterpiece. No I have a hankering to go back to that game.

It is business presentation, with footage of real time gameplay (not only cutscenes).

I love games like this, without apparentely use og CG.

I’ve been replaying the first game lately and in the “Undead Nightmare” DLC, there’s a mission (“The Birth of the Conservation Movement”) that involves hunting down several Sasquatch. At the end of the mission, the last Bigfoot explains that they aren’t the savage monsters that John was lead to believe and begs him to put it out of its misery. This leaves a moral quandary for the player: kill the Sasquatch and erase a noble species from existence, or spare it and leave it wither in pain, knowing that his family and the rest of its kind are now gone forever.

The answer is actually quite simple: Kill the Sasquatch. Why?

The mission beings when an unstable old woodsman tells John that Bigfoot’s diet involves eating human infants, and for that reason they need to be hunted down. When he confronts the final Bigfoot about this, it flatly denies it, claiming his kind to be herbivores that eat only “berries and mushrooms.”

Furthermore, it claims to be the last of its kind due to John’s actions, leading to the belief that once the mission is complete, the player won’t encounter any more Sasquatch for the rest of the game. For most animal species that John encounters in the game, they will periodically respawn in the world—the one exception to this being the Bison which can be hunted down to extinction. Once accomplished, they will no longer appear.

Theoretically the same should apply if the player completes this mission; except it doesn’t. Regardless of what choice the player makes, Sasquatch will still periodically appear in the woods, in spite of the previous assertion from the so-called “Last Bigfoot.” Also of note is how the Sasquatch are found: always alone, never together. If the Last Bigfoot knows that he’s alone, and in the rather short time it took for John to hunt all those other Bigfoot, how would it know if they rarely ever mingle? The only explanation being that they usually communicate over long distances, but this doesn’t explain why more can be found even if the player choses the “kill” ending rather than “sparing.”

The answer is clear: the Bigfoot is lying, it isn’t the last of its kind and it knows this. And if it was lying then, then chances are everything else it had to say is suspect. It made up its sob story because it knew it couldn’t escape justice and tried to play on John’s sympathies to save its own mangy hide.

So why kill Bigfoot?



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Perhaps if they added in some sasquatch screams and wood knocking to the game, they would know there are more sasquatch out there…would’ve been cool to add it’s screams and howls while riding the horse at night time

Is this game gonna be 30fps?

I haven’t found anything conclusive, just that it will support 4K + 30fps on the PS4 Pro and X1X.

Strictly 30 fps in all modes? I would say: probably.

Wish I could play my favorite games on console on 4k60fps

Locked 60fps on an open-world as visually rich as this? CPU is too weak.

Maybe unlocked frame-rate for 1080p mode. We’ll have the details in the coming weeks. This is the first Rockstar game with Pro and X support, we don’t know how they handle the development on these consoles.

I’m 96.73% sure that’s Nan McNamara, Anya’s VA.

Bought mine today.

Will play on day one!

I’m hoping to find a full credits page online because there’s a few background characters that sound vaguely familiar.