Red again! Why?

I know it’s been said! I figure the more posts on this comments whatever and TC will address the issue. Most complained about flashbangs and they got a nerf! Not as intense now. Thanks! However I have a lot of friends who love gears and will not play cause over the super red covers 60% of your screen omen! Why have this? Make it like 4 or at least have an option to toggle it off! My fellow readers and Gears brother please bump this! Make it happen. This truly is an easy fix and I thank you in advance!


I get why people don’t like the inverse omen but it really doesn’t bother me. To be honest I barely even notice it since you go DBNO so fast.

I hear ya…it does not bother me. Either. Bothers my friends and a bunch of others. No need for it in the game so get it out of there!

I feel like it matters a lot and very little at the same time. In this game it’s pretty rare to be 4-pointed because the shotgun down’s you so fast and from a miles distance. But when its there you really can’t see . The sides definitely need to be less opaque at higher levels of damage (or revert it all together :slight_smile:) .

I’d rather all the other issues be fixed first though, like ranked/servers and what not. Its just not the highest priority on the list of issues and I dislike that there’s so many it has to be this way.

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I can’t stand all the crap on the screen and I fight the screen more than the other characters or players.


Lmao, at first I thought this was going to be a thread about OP’s hatred for @ll_R_E_D_l


TC have said they are looking at creating a transparency slider for the Inverse Omen. But they have to fix the servers, rank system and a bunch of other issues that take priority first.


Put your shirt back on.

the flashbangs i believe its the way that The Coalition its making us buy more Ray-Bans to play the game and not hurt our eyes.

My brother thought I was being a “typical gamer” when I complained so much about the inverse omen.

I got him to play Gears 5 with me yesterday for the first time.

He now wholeheartedly agrees and asked, word for word, “Who the ■■■■ thought this was better than what they had before?”

Hahahaha that’s an interesting justification - 100% accurate though

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I also told my wife to play gears 5 , she didnt like it either , she told me that it was more violent gears 4 , I have to agree regarding that . jajajaja. Gears 5 its like a mickey mouse club with all the censorship on blood and kills.

I agree there are more pressing issues that need addressed first! I just felt like this was an easy fix…

I don’t like it either. We need to have a transparency slider, or a toggle option, or the choice to use the old one.

Ahh like El-P gotcha

Thank you thank you. I’m in the minority here that I actually really like the game but the fact that you DBNO so fast is BY FAR my number one complaint. My only other issue is the OP melee at this point, now that they’ve super nerfed flashbangs.