Recruit Lizzie Carmine?

Similar to Clayton’s Recruit skin it would be nice to have a more generic Cog Gear skin for Lizzie.


I actually do like this concept, it’s a nice departure from the other skins she currently has.

Sweet design but I still like my Lizzie in orange pants.

Not bashing the skin but it looks like a standard cog gear just with lizzie chest armor. Still gonna get it though lol


Let’s be more creative. Take the helmet off. The armor. And the gun.

You can clip through Mechanic Lizzies Visor. She’s ugly.

Nice design though

I support this. Love the concept.

Doesn’t look particularly interesting to me. It’s basically Casan with Lizzie’s helmet and armor appearance wise… and I don’t like how high up the pants are on Casan at that, too.

I would kill for this… like I would for a chance to have every Carmine skin ever imagined haha. Hey I’m woobie, big Carmine fan, and I approve of this message.