Recruit Clayton Carmine

Anyone else wanna see a recruit Clayton Carmine come back to the game? Or is that just me, was my no1 choice on gears 3 just loved the design, that’s a skin I’d buy iron for ngl

I would just like to have Clayton. Doubtful that I would spend any money on the skin though. Would be cool to earn in the tours.

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yup bring back clayton asap

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Hopefully the actual Clayton will be free, can’t imagine they would be stupid enough to put him in the store the amount of backlash they would get :joy:

TC has already stated that basic characters will be earnable with the option to pay for instant unlock.

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That’s not to bad then I can live with that

We would all love more characters in general. The roster hasn’t been this limited since Gears 1

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Ohhh 100% even gears 2 had more characters at release, there’s no excuse for it other than scummy tactics. They had three years to do the roster I refuse to believe that’s all the characters they was able to come out with in them three years, despite campaign already having models already made like Cole or baird and loads of others

Lmao first we need default Clayton, his model is already in the game but TC are ■■■■■

I think its more to do with balancing and testing skills for Horde.