Recruit Clayton Carmine (Idea)

I was moving through my collection and i thought, would Clay Carmine look good on Minh’s body?

And you know what? I think it would!

I photoshoped his head on Minh’s body, take a look and make it happen TC!

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That kinda looks cool…
Much better than Recruit version though.

i dont know how i feel about the gears 4 version of clay carmine, i feel he’s small, like, anthony and benjamin with their armors look bigger ffs

That looks awesome. I’ve always been a fan of the “winter” armor that covers the hands, arms and shoulders.

Looks good actually.

Yeah, why not!

Chuck him in a pack TC :+1:

no need to record new voice lines, and its practically a head change for existing characters, could make a good excuse for another good weapon set