Recrafting weapons skins you previously had?

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Sorry you’re out of luck. But you didn’t “accidentally” destroy the card, you weren’t paying attention when you were scrapping. Its a 3 step process to scrap a card

(JIGGA7486) #3

I mean yeah you’re right I wasn’t, but I don’t see how it wasn’t still an accident? I didn’t do it intentionally

(ll R E D l) #4

Because its a three step process. I would consider this an accident if wasn’t. You had three chances to not scrap it. Its not like you just hit 1 button and its gone. With this system in place it makes it so its basically the users fault for issues like this

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I think broadly speaking any customisation card that you’ve owned before should be craftable.

While I’ve never been affected by this specifically before - I’ve only ever accidently deleted Horde cards and bounties - I can sympathise with people who have lost custom cards. I’ve read of people supposedly being hacked and losing Black Steel characters and so on. I don’t know if it’s true or if its chancers trying to get free BS skins but the easiest way to get around this is to make previously owned stuff craftable for scrap.

(ll R E D l) #7

But whats to stop someone from scrapping the same card over and over to get the extra scrap? Paid content shouldn’t be scrapable only the duplicates. Other than that you should be able to lock cards that you don’t want to scrap

(Bleeding Pepper) #8

I meant that the person would have to spend scrap to recraft it. Given the current conversion rates you wouldn’t be able to get more scrap. If you accidently scrapped an epic card you’d get 150 scrap, but if you recrafted it then you’d have to spend 600 scrap to do so.

It’s not ideal but at least it creates a small safety net for players who have spent real money on these things, or had completed the time limited challenges etc

(ll R E D l) #9

I see where your coming from but in its current state it is a 3 step process so if you scrap something its your own fault. You just weren’t paying attention.

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sometimes on the computer the mouse will switch focus to the wrong option when trying to scrap with just using the keyboard

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It would make much more sense if a card could be re-crafted after being “unlocked”.

As far as accidents go, people here need to accept the fact that not everyone is lying and it does happen. I know several people who have, and have heard a couple of them do it while we were in party chat. The system in place is so mind numbingly slow that is easy for your attention span to drift while scraping a lot of cards. I haven’t screwed up but I almost did recently on PC. It would be better if you could select several at once rather than have to sit through that long animation. Reason being, it’s easier to pay attention for 30 seconds than 20 minutes.

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I scrapped one of my 10th anniversary skins, Still makes me mad. Muscle memory and quick fingers. It was right beside a card I wanted to scrap. Hit over one too many times, muscle memory took over and bam, card gone forever.

I suppose all accidents in life are avoidable, but they still happen right?

Easy solution if TC wanted to fix.


I also believe everything should be craftable at this point excluding eSports items.

(ll R E D l) #13

But I still wouldn’t consider it an accident. Like I said before it would be one thing if you just pressed 1 button and it was gone. Its not a great system but it does prevent the user from just randomly scrapping things. It just comes down to the user not paying attention,


Yeah. Muscle memory has lead me to scrap things I didn’t want to several times.

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As someone mentioned above, scrapping multiple things can be time consuming. In that situation, someone may speed up the process by tapping the required buttons quickly.

I don’t remember ever unintentionally scrapping anything, but I have experienced lag that caused me to choose an incorrect menu option. Combined with the above, I could see someone accidentally scrapping something.

(ll R E D l) #16

it definitely is time consuming. But its a process so if you scrap something you didn’t want to scrap its not an accident. It’s just you weren’t paying attention. Its like I said earlier its a 3 step process so if by the 3rd step you still scrap it then its no accident

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Being careless and accidentally doing something aren’t necessarily exclusive. “Unintentionally” might be a better word, but whether you consider “accidentally” to be a synonym, or to strictly be a chance occurrence, is semantics.

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I would agree with you if it wasnt for the fact that its a 3 step process. Even if it was a 1 or 2 step process I might give it to you. But the fact that you have to 1) go to the card 2)select the card and 3) choose to destroy the card then its more than a accident it comes down to paying attention. Even if you are going through the motions by the time you get to the 3rd step if you dont look at what your doing then its your own fault at the point

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Whether or not it was literally an accident, it wasn’t intentional (taking the person at their word).

I agree that they are ultimately responsible, even if was in response to the unnecessarily slow scrapping process. However having a system in place to recover a scrapped card at the expense of in-game currency or some sort of lock doesn’t really hurt anything.

(HoesEatOreos) #20

why can’t they let us upgrade a horde skill to the next level immediately if you have the scrap available instead of creating the same freaking card like a moron for 20 times