Recorded some videos and wow

So I have been playing and taking advantage of the 5xp and notice a lot of weird stuff. Like winning a round and then the other team just goes totally unkillable.

In one video you can slow the thing down and see that the player not only did not see me but took a direct point blank headshot. The player then instantly wipes 180 for an instant headshot kill. Gnasher v Gnasher. Just happens regularly. I had so many videos were you could see these players doing it. Only certain people but at the end of the match they are always Onyx. No diamond but Onyx. Almost like the 5 XP brought out some cheaters. In one video you can plainly see the player getting hit by myself directly with the gnasher while others shoot said player. The player just runs over all 5 of us. The direct capture matches the recorded videos too.

Not really sure what to make of it. Had a player take 2 boom shot rounds as well. Just happening so much. Avoid some players by blocking them but no way it is legit.

They are not even the ones who have the random ping. I cannot stand winning round 1 and then the other teams has a couple players who take over. Going from the bottom to the top of their team the rest of the way. Ping at 40-50 until combat and they then jump into the 200+ range. Many times hitting over 500. Go from looking terrible to eating shots.

Not sure if this is just Gears 4 now or it if event has lead to more of this. And no, I may suck but that is not the issue.

Hopefully something is being done on this to prepare for 5. Love Gears but not sure I want to do more than just game pass for a month for it as I fear this will just always continue with this franchise.