Recommended Tactician Build for Horde/Escape?

Post is same as title - Recommended Tactician Build for Horde/Escape?

Reason being is that i’m asking around, and I don’t know why, but I simply don’t feel i’m doing as well as other tactician players around me, I get im level 19 compared to level 20’s, but I wanna know what kinda cards are people using that get them so much power, is it Discipline ?

As far as Tactician goes, you only really should need Shredder. But with 30% bleed at max level and no other damage buffs(excluding unintentional bleed increase with a GL or while holding any ballistic weapon), I would recommend getting it to level 6 ASAP.

My current personal build is Shredder, Recharge Bounty, Disciplined, Healing Module and Speed Loader. If I were to forgo Speed Loader, I would also swap out Healing Module as you’ll stay exposed for a lot less time while using your ult. But I like my full auto Boomshot. Disciplined is largely for the use of ballistic damage while not using explosive ammo, especially while getting the ult back. Use the bleed exploit at your own discretion, but the damage you get with that is quite absurd.

I like the big circle with healing since it is a good way for a bunch of people to stay alive.

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Depends on the circumstances.

The pool of cards I typically use are:


Healing Module
Resupply Duration
Resupply Amplifier (radius)
Recharge Bounty


Venom Explosive Resupply
Venom Boost
Recharge Bounty
Healing Module
Resupply Duration

Depends on what Escape hive, and what Horde mutators really.

I suppose that is true. I was more speaking from a personal perspective, wherein I don’t usually share the resupply circle - not for selfish reasons but more that I tend to only drop it during boss waves or in the consideration of a large enemy rush coming my way(with some leeway for a cluster of heavy enemies, flyers and the occasional Warden - not that hard to get ult back as Tact in later waves anyway).

I imagine having the bigger circle is more useful to not get all the people in it killed by a Boomshot(frags have such a ■■■■■■■■ ridiculous nuke radius it doesn’t really seem to matter where you are unless it’s outside the blast) if you share it with teammates frequently.

Frags only don’t hurt you if you are either outside the radius or immune. Usually, if you are in the radius at all, it is a down but sometimes, you can eat it.

I’ve yet to take a frag and not die from it without immunity. I still don’t see why it is so hard for TC to get even the most basic of balance aspects straight with explosives and enemies that use assault rifles.

Once at the edge of the radius, I took about 80% from one but I was Slugger with some damage res perked.

Figures. You get like up to 80% resist with that class. Still ridiculous though.

For horde I use :
Healing Module
Resupply Duration
Resupply Amplifier (radius)

I don’t buy a GL all the time (except on BR game or on horde when no teammate is able to get rid of big enemies)

For escape :
Healing Module
Recharge Bounty or Disciplined
Venom Explosive resupply
And the card that increases the snub damages

Resupply Duration
Resupply Speed Loader (or Recharge Bounty/Amplifier)
Resupply Healing Module

Venom Explosive Resupply
Recharge Bounty
Resupply Duration (or Venom Boost/Healing Module)

One thing hinted by AmicableWall that I want to say more loudly, because I think those with maxed cards tend to forget it: some cards can play very differently when not level 6 if you’re not there yet. FWIW, I felt like what you describe when my Shredder was lower level. Tactician doesn’t have too many cards like that compared to some other classes, but level does matter, especially if your comparison metric is “Damage Per Second”.

I find I get more value out of the explanations accompanying the lists, so here’s some more background on mine in case it helps find your own optimal style(s). I don’t play Boss Rush that I saw you mention, so these are Horde and Horde Frenzy, and I play with randoms on Master or Inconceivable public matchmaking. I tend to play Tactician 50% or more as its supposed category, “Support”. If I wanted to be a full-time killer, I’d pick a red or blue class. And in that vein (with no offense intended to those selecting it above) I consider Resupply Speed Loader to be a selfish card and unnecessary overkill, so it never makes my cut except for “random shuffle days”.

Here is my typical setup at the moment:

  • Shredder - It’s decent, and people expect it of you anyway. I’ve been caught out too many times when I’ve left it off and there ended up being no DPS and/or quality players, so even though I don’t spam Boomshot or especially GL much, it’s too important of a safety margin.
  • Healing Module - You can tank stuff for early waves, and when everyone is jammed in getting ammo it helps reduce group downs (though game garbage still gonna be game garbage). I used to use it a lot as a Protector-shield-equivalent while running out to pick up a DBNO, as its diameter (with the next card) allows decent distance to be covered while protected.
  • Resupply Amplifier - More room for everyone to maneuver/take cover while still resupplying.
  • Resupply Duration - MOAR. If you’re going to be resupplying, you should just do it for as much/long as possible.
  • Recharge Bounty - Easy to get back your ultimate, and helps everyone else out with theirs, too. Now, if you aren’t already constantly marking as part of normal play (for any non-CQC class), then boooo, but I guess you and your team would get less value.

Sometimes I play Huddle Up instead of Recharge Bounty. It’s a generally weak card (I think the % per player should be boosted). But since my main goal is to help others as much as myself, on tightly packed maps or with multiple no-ammo-regen-perk classes staying in base, and in early waves before Explosive Resupply has been perked high enough, it can have modest value (Longshot ammo regen is slow!).

Unlike the others, I don’t think I personally get enough comparative value out of Disciplined to bring it instead (except on Reduced Bleed Damage daily modifiers). But I can definitely see it.

It’s certainly not the “power” you seek, but I also infrequently (but perhaps more than most?) play the following, mostly because it’s such a completely different style:

  • Interrogation - The point of the build (marking on meatshields).
  • Grenade Pouch - More flashbangs for meatshields.
  • Recharge Bounty - Lots of marks = lots of ultimate cooldown for everyone.
  • Cooperation - If you’re going this way, just go all the way and give everyone 30% (L6) damage boost, too.
  • Situational Awareness - Auto-marking, since Eagle Eyes is garbage and doesn’t mark for longer like Demo’s passive. And same with the last; I’m going all in on this build and not pretending I’ll be very impactful with some other weapon/pattern boostable with this 5th slot. If I don’t use it, I’ll usually have Resupply Duration so I can make it more valuable when I drop my resupply on someone else in base before I run out.

The chances of there being a random Demo with Spotter Support is surprisingly miniscule for me, so even for those that don’t care for Interrogation + Artillery wave clears, it actually hasn’t worked out that way very much.

As for Escape, this post is already long and I don’t play Tactician (with randoms that wait for Venom) enough, so won’t suggest anything for that mode.


Interrogation/support tactician is in my top three rotation (prioritized as first choice) and built 80% like you described. I take disciplined, though, because sometimes I’ll run solo into a scion or similarly powerful enemies while meatshield hunting and need some extra oomph - knowing the card is supposedly stronger than described.

I liked situational awareness on paper before I started using interrogation builds, and I’m now curious in maybe throwing it in instead of disciplined. The only thing that’d really not work for me is if “the new SITUATIONAL MARKS CANCEL the interrogation marks”??? I’m sure you know what I mean… more than a few times I’ve cancelled all my interrogation marks because a boomshot scion/etc spawned with the team in an extremely vulnerable position (in base) right after mass marking.

So, does it add to the marks, or does it count as a new mark and instantly cancel the others?

I still don’t know how situational awareness works, I believe I remember trying it at one point, and it only marked enemies who shot at you, and damaged you. Did it get reworked a while back or something?

I’m not aware of any meaningful changes to it ever. To the best of my knowledge Situational Awareness works by marking enemies when they first go “aggro”, which is an ill-defined internal A.I. state. Others may be able to correct me, but I believe it’s sometimes visibly expressed with the Warden doing his best Flash-impersonation run across the map, the Scions roaring and charging, and the enemy just generally fixating.

However it doesn’t have to be one of those obvious signs, since enemies can fixate on you when you shoot them and that might get them auto-marked, which I suspect is what you were noticing. Aggro also happens just “randomly” from arbitrary enemy A.I. player selection or its noise/proximity alerting behavior.

It anecdotally seems easier to get enemies auto-marked when the Aggressive Enemies modifier is present, but Situational Awareness definitely doesn’t automatically mark every enemy because they’re “aggressive” like the card description claims. :slight_smile: (I certainly don’t fault TC for that.) I also think it marks ghost enemies, but I don’t remember at the moment for certain.

My anecdotal experience so far is ambiguous about whether the auto-marking matters if you specifically have attracted the enemy aggro, or if it can be any player. I strongly suspect that it’s only you, the Tactician with the card, given how other features tend to work. But I haven’t proven it. I don’t know if anyone else has done any experiments with others, including checking with an Anchor running the In Your Face card or Pilot with Taunt.

I definitely don’t mean to oversell the value of the card. It’s mediocre at best and definitely not something I’d take in any other build. But it does achieve my goal of marking multiple things without effort from me, including things sneaking up from the side or while I’m fighting something else that I couldn’t mark, and for longer than a normal mark would last and no stupid cooldown (useless Eagle Eyes… ugh).

My build is (in horde):

• Recharge bounty
• Resupply speed loader
• Disciplined
• Shredder
• Resupply healing module

With this build I use longhots mainly (boomshots during boss waves).

I’m so confused on how people use longshots with it, when the consecutive bullet increase is usually gained by shooting their hammerburst, or whatever rifle they’re using.

Lvl 6 resupply speed loader gives players automatic active reload. Hence, why I use longshots. Add with Disciplined you add more damage up to 200%

Disciplined works with any ballistic weapon. Also, it is glitched or has an incorrect description as it goes up to 200% and gets like 33 or 66% damage increase per shot, rather than what the card says it does(according to posts I read). Also has an unintended interaction where swapping to a ballistic weapon after causing bleed(or firing a GL and holding it) causes your bleed to get super boosted to ridiculous levels.

Hence why it works well with a Longshot. And unless you dedicate two card slots to the Hammerburst its killing power significantly drops for anything bigger than a Juvie after the 2x health poison kicks in(and it is the first one to activate).

Just want to say that, after toying with this card in the past days, 30% more damage sounds good on paper, however I’ve been told by the squad that they honestly didn’t feel much of a difference to justify running it.
Yes 30% sounds good against bosses but honestly Tactician has like 7-8 better choices for cards.