Recommended optimal builds for Pilot?

I’ve been trying to get into using Pilot lately since it’s my least used class for the tank category but I’ve been told many good things about it however the problem is I can’t seem to decide what I want when it comes to cards especially the gold and purple cards.

Any recommendations on what to use and what to avoid using when playing as a pilot?

Just off the top of my head, Cold Finish and Bleeding Mulcher were absolute musts for me. Saved us quite a few times against Bosses and such.

There are obviously others, the Trishot is useful for healing whilst the Salvo is useful for prolonging your use of the Silverback, but I can’t remember at the moment besides the first two I mentioned above.

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Pilot dropshot build: Enforcer Expert, Healing Explosives, Aggressive Armor, Cold Finish, The Hammer.

Most important card-The Hammer. Make sure it’s at least lvl 4, but obviously lvl 6 is ideal. The Enforcer card is only there to get you through the early waves while you build up your perks. You can replace if you feel like something else would be more useful.

Hopefully, the Engineer buys you a locker early on and starts upgrading it right away. Worst case scenario happens and he does nothing then you will need to buy your own locker and upgrade it first thing, before you start doing your perks.

Once you can get to your perks, upgrade ammo capacity to max, followed by damage. In the event the engi doesn’t help you, then you will likely not get many points in your damage perk, but that’s ok, you’re still pulling your weight.

As for playstyle, you will be raining down non-stop dropshots. That’s why we do ammo capacity perk first, so we get more dropshots from our lockers and stun more enemies for longer. It is very effective vs. mostly everything, especially sentinels and guardians as the hitbox for headshots seems to be very large. So long as the drill is above them, then it usually results in a headshot, massive damage and stunning for 4 seconds, taking them out of the game. We will be scrounging for spare dropshots on the ground from Scions whenever we can to fill our locker. The only enemies that cause the Pilot problems are Bastions because the dropshots can’t really target them. Hopefully, someone else in your squad can deal with them. She can still do it by whittling away with dropshot splash damage. It just takes a bit longer.


My build for Horde is:

Silverback Salvo
The Hammer
Bleeding Mulcher
Healing Explosives
Cold Finish

Can’t fit in Aggressive Armor, which sucks, but Healing Explosives keeps me topped off, and with the Silverback Salvo keeps the Silverback alive long enough to benefit from the extra duration the Salvo gives.

For escape I usually replace The Hammer with Aggressive Armor. It’s much harder to get good use out of the Dropshot in Escape, so I just go with Claws and Longshots, ideally.


Just use a Boomshot as Secondary Weapon and shoot the Shield why are there still People not knowing this?

You can make your Boom even stronger with the Damage Perk.

I use: The Hammer,Bleeding Mulcher,Healing Trishot,Healing Explosives and Aggressive Armor. (make sure the Healing Explosives is first and then Aggressive Armor)

Cold Finish is good for the Silverback but i tend to not really use the SB outside of Bosswaves and i still can Deal with Kestrels and Wakaatu easily.

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I use a similar build but paragraphs are great things.

Bonus points if you have a Tactician with you in Horde.

I currently use:

  1. The Hammer
  2. Healing Explosives
  3. Aggressive Armor
  4. Bleeding Mulcher
  5. Cold Finish or Rear Armor

Honestly though, I prefer Rear Armor just for that extra damage resistance.

My build is mainly focused around the Dropshot since most of my kills are earned by using that weapon. I have bleeding mulcher just in case my teammates are having trouble taking down flying enemies like Flocks, Kestrals and Wakaatus. Guardians and Sentinels are no problem to take down with the Dropshot. However, I still have my Silverback ready for those enemies just in case my teammates are down and I’m the last one standing.

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I favour:

The Hammer
Bleeding Mulcher
Silverback Salvo
Aggressive Armour
Cold Finish


This right here. Silverback is only useful against non-stunnable bosses or meaty bosses like the Carrier due to the bleeding mulcher. Anything else can easily be dealt with the Dropshot.

I’m with the Pepper.
This is what I tend to use.

I’ve been enjoying this Pilot build way more then any Silverback build, mainly due to The Hammer being so good at stunning Boomshot Scions, noticed it synergized well with CQC classes since you can create openings for them with stunning.

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This seems pretty good

The Hammer, Silverback Salvo, Cold Finish, Bleeding Mulcher, and Healing Munitions - I don’t care about healing less with general explosives, I’m not firing Dropshots enough for that to matter. I use dropshots to quickly perk my Ult.

My sole goal is to be in that Silverback as much as possible and do maximum damage every time, both by keeping it alive and extended and bleeding them out fast. I can usually use the Silverback 10-12 times per 12 waves, with multiple times on boss waves depending if it’s necessary. Literally it doesn’t take many dropshots into, say, a Carrier to get the Silverback out again.

The Dropshot is an amazing weapon (that also helps the team) so I don’t blame the people building around it, but it does annoy me when a Pilot seems to do absolutely nothing for every wave except 4, 8, and 12. You’d think it was rare to get the Silverback but one reason Pilot is among the few classes I consider a main is because the Ult comes back faster than almost every other class in actual real game play (not the time default) and yet it’s also massively overpowered. It’s really the fact that you taking damage seems to get it back faster than you doing damage, and I’ve always been fantastic in every video game at taking lots of damage, even dying! Lol