Recognized a forum member in game, post here

(Duffman GB) #1

Hi fellow Gears.
We had this thread on the old forums, I thought is would be good to have on the new!

As title suggests, if you fancy letting other formites know that you have played them, with them and would like to give some feedback or just give a name-check, this is the place to do it.

I play KOTH daily (evenings) and I am starting to come across a same few names if not nightly then weekly, not too sure if they post on here though.

Locusts forever!

Just played the EVIL ONE
(III EnVii III) #2

Duffman GB - played with him and against him :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::raised_hands:

Been a few more and minds gone blank :see_no_evil:

(Duffman GB) #3

Was I good…probably not :wink: but I try and I do stick around. Hope to play with and maybe against you in the coming weeks.

(III EnVii III) #4

From what I can remeber - yes! :sunglasses:

(V7K1NG) #5

No one ever reconigizes me …

(III EnVii III) #6

Depends what region you are and what you play - for example, I’ll be more aware of EU KOTH Players :blush::+1:

(Shay3SaintJohn) #7

I used to see a member with a name along the lines of “mygirlfriendthinksimcute” or something along those lines. :sweat_smile:


I play with Bazinga7x sometimes and BlackReignMCW I believe his name is…I am sure I have played with a few others from here but I don’t remember

(KonTroL RaNgeR) #9

Ive only come across @GhostofDelta2 and @NICKRSN_MACHINE in the past month or so

(LadyWinterstorm) #10

Not going to name and shame but there is really no need to insult someone because their not very good. Also if I choose to give another player ammo that does not make me an pack mule.


So who here shamed or insulted someone here? Did you not read the title of the thread?

(BraveHearts GG) #12

Duffman GB a couple weeks ago, HEOX (I think that’s the tag, sorry if I’m mistaken) and ROSSHICKEY the other day, will post if I run into more :sunglasses::+1:

(Duffman GB) #13

Hi Ladywinterstorm
Have you posted in the wrong thread ?? I didn’t mention shaming people ( you could post positive of course ) or mention swapping ammo ? I agree, you do as you please.
So far this thread has been really positive, we are all Gearheads at heart. :slight_smile:

(LadyWinterstorm) #14

Just some members are toxic is all sorry to be so negative

(III EnVii III) #15

Ignore negative people and they will go away once they don’t get attention.

(crazychainsaws8) #16

only recognize chickeroo182 and the gears prodigy

(BungiePlayer) #17

Not as I far as I know even tho there are so much members on here. maybe


I don’t think I have. Wonder if anyone has seen me though :eyes::eyes:

(SheepRfluffy) #19

In KOTH mainly but I’ve been on a break for a few weeks. Seen a handful I know but can’t remember exact names.

(baconman886) #20

I still don’t think I have seen any users from here on XBL since the last thread. Both horde and versus. Correct me if I’m wrong folks. Have played some great horde matches recently. So maybe I have played with some of you.