Recognized a forum member in game 2023

New year, new thread.

Happy 2023 everyone!

Friendly banter welcomed, but no actual fights in here please :slight_smile:


Gotta leave my mark,

I’m here first :sunglasses:


Recognized a forum member on tiktok?

Is this your lost brother ghost?

Bloody good player though.

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Not sure without a DNA test :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really now? Technically Ghost was first because he made the thread. But that’s just semantics


Joined @rabbitsfoot8 Boss Rush lobby today. The most Wardens i have ever seen in one game before.


Let’s start this new Year (happy to you all).
Yesterday a good daily frenzy with @I_AM_AD0PTED

Never called you a noob on yesterday’s daily, it was aimed at the marksman and veteran doing that cheesy ULT combo. I’m not playing that.

I remember we started a game with you (probably on All fathers ?). I don’t like also this kind of combo (worst one for me).
Afair we failed so you took the right decision. I should have followed you


Now, now. Settle down, gentlemen.

Both of your achievements here are meaningless and forgettable.

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Certainly not a level of optimism I’m familiar with but good for you :+1:.

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I have a new GT & it hasn’t updated on the forums yet since I haven’t signed out and signed back in.

Will continue to be incognito online :eyes:

You’re one to talk :smirk:

He is but its almost impossible to understand what he says.

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We appreciate you, Kaz.


I pretend to understand what he says so he’ll leave me alone :sunglasses:

If you’re an invalid, sure!

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