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GG @AmicableWall421
The game sure showed its features today.

I’m surprised we never saw any Guard waves, or that there wasn’t a random chainsaw thrown in there.

As chaotic as it was, that run on Foundation was probably the highlight. There’s no way it should ever have worked with those randoms.

We should have won, no ? Anyway nice to have played some waves with @HRPac today

It is not the exact spirit of this thread but let me ask.
@I_AM_AD0PTED : I entered your lobby as a CM for an Onslaught master escape. I think you kicked me out although there were nothing in the title.
I totally respect host choice. But just curious about the reason (you were Nomad and The second player an infiltrator , CM seems to be a good pick to complete this team).
And feel free to say that I did something bad/wrong in a past game played together. No worry for that

In my opinion for The Onslaught choice of class is pretty much irrelevant because the majority of the fighting is done using the turrets; and for act 2 its a straight up run. I’m personally happy with any classes for this hive. Maybe the host intended to fight it out in act 2 instead?

Yes this was my 1st thought but there were no indication in the lobby title whether or not act2 speed run (only something like daily)
And also the fact that the kick out was very fast (no time to switch or discuss by chat).

I was just curious and wanted to know if it was due to some bad playing during common past games.
It is not intended to annoy but more for me to learn maybe something new. Perhaps I am in his/her blocking list.
There are so few regular escape players that it becomes complicated to play some master runs. When you finally find one, just being kicked is a bit sad especially for an unknown reason.

If I am a bad player for him/her, ok no problem. I am just curious.

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He kicked me a few times too for no reason. Was long ago though and I usually host my own lobbies.
Sometimes players don’t want to have 3rd person joining but forget to lock the spot.

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I never join this person.

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Me neither. I only join a small selection of people or host my own.

I know I should host my own lobby but honestly I prefer following others rules/fab placement/adapt to host or team.
It makes the game a bit fresh after so many hours.
This why usually I prefer joining and completing a random lobby compared to hosting my own one and waiting.

As far as I can remember I am pretty sure we already play together and he/she is a good player.

Ditto. I’ve played a few games with them before and they were fine, but the last couple of times I joined their lobby they’d kick me, so I just don’t bother now.

Just to add, they’re not on my blocked list or anything so if they joined my lobby I wouldn’t have an issue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool BR games with @Rexhold @stev0r
I am still wondering why the waves were shorter than usual ;-/

You ran into the Bundi himself.

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Pretty much. When you get five Kestrels in the last wave you know your boss killer Demo in Boss Rush is competent.

The game I got 5M in the last wave alone as Demo was because there were like 7 Kestrels.

I sometimes wonder how different Boss Rush would be with a Swarmak instead of the filler enemies(excluding Warden) present. But then I think it’s already chaotic enough, especially with that stupid bird appearing every single wave.

I’d rather every chicken get replaced by two Swarmaks. Less BS that way.

gg @HRPac
Some gross waves we got (Guardians and Sires and Lancer PGs.) and a Slugger spamming shocks. On that Guardian wave, good thing you had your shield, or else we were screwed.

@RnB010 gg last night on Mercy. We started as 3 players. A few times I almost quit the game because the game paused lol

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:joy: :joy: Understandable
Only way to get rid of low levels and players that dont respect the lobby rules unfortunately. I wish hosts could manage their lobbies ingame without having to pause the run for everyone.

But yeah ggs indeed

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