Recognized a forum member in game 2022

@Bleeding_Pepper GG on the daily Hive :slight_smile:

And the other dude was a cool Brawler, never tackled unless it was needed.:thinking:

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Heh. Normally my lobby titles say “no brawlers” but I figure that a Brawler may be useful on this occadion if we got the Juvie spawn in act 1 (we ended up with Rejects instead). I made a conscious decision to stay as far away from him as possible because most Brawlers have little regard for team mates. :yum: I was surprised he didnt blow himself up when he used his ultimate on the Juvie pack in act 2 when there were Poppers around though. I guess he tanked it with stim?

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Your guess is as good as mine :sweat_smile: all I saw was him using Ulti, tackling Juvies, then either tanking an explosion w stim or moving so quickly that the explosion didn’t hurt it :thinking:.

@AmicableWall421 GG on the daily :+1: your Anchor’s stim helped tank a couple Boltoks on my side. Interesting to see you playing a full game lol.

Too bad for the Roulette games and their RNGs afterwards… :smiling_face_with_tear:

(guess I’m counting it as “recognizing a forum member ingame” because there was no planning to go play the daily beforehand etc.)

It is a very rare occurrence for me to join a 50 wave run because they’re slow paced as all hell. But I was real bored and just happened to spot the lobby as I was looking around. So I figured I might as well. The Lambent spawn on 41-50 was just horrid, though. Felt like it took longer than the last 21-40 combined because of the stupid infighting all over the map where no one could shoot or see.

And I’ve given my piece to the nonsense that occurred afterward. Literally every single one of the idiotic Guardians camped in a spot where I could do squat without a GL or Dropshot and I didn’t have either. Only usually get one on wave 6 if I play Tact on Roulette.

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@Bleeding_Pepper GG on the daily hive :slight_smile:

So uhmmm what happened during the first try? From my POV, you kinda “went down” below the map, then straight killed by drones… weird stuff.

On my screen, it showed me being pinned down by a Pouncer, except it was invisible. By the time I fought it off, I was in the thick venom, tried to push my way out of it toward the helipad but there were too many Elite Drones (and at least one Scion) that I got pushed back again, was wounded by gunfire and then the venom killed me. Fighting off the Pouncer also took much longer than usual too. On my screen I was on the map as normal - I didn’t phase through the floor or anything 9if that’s what you meant?)

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@Big_Rich_S GG on that Forge frenzy :slight_smile:

BTW have we played before or something? My friend tab said We had played 98 waves of Horde previously and I only remember you from a Frenzy at Dawn with the Even Stronger Enemies previously.

Did you change GT or something? :sweat_smile:

No gamer tag change. I believe we played a few games together through Katz.

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Met @Mexellent_Homie on the weekly hive the trap, good run apart from the a$$ host who got some butt hurt cause they died from the 1st enemy

Me as architect and homie as marksman got to the end and knob head host paused the game when the doors shut.

Gamertag chicken(redacted) cant give full name☹️

Is the 2nd word the name of a season? Or a type of onion which normally goes well with Peking Duck?

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I guess you have them already blocked.

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I’ve played with them before. They’re a total ■■■■.

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Just played with peppers on a BR but he was not bleeding.
@Bleeding_Pepper : no doubt, you have true fans

Edit : not sure if this message was clear (in my head it was but 8h after not). So I edit it ; I played with one GT containing peppers in his 2nd part

@Pure_as_Null nice try on the daily. I honestly don’t get why rando engis loooooove the church while ignoring taps. And to add salt to the wound, in the final wave I got downed AT HIS FEET and he ignored me.

Apologies for not grabbing your tags but you were killed near the Swarmak :sweat_smile:

@RnB010 thanks for the Line. Not so many people do the thing with flash grenades before taking the explosive ones.

I joined as an Anchor because I saw already the BM you didn’t want to keep in your game. And my build was not perfectly suited. Anyway it was really cool to play with you again

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always a pleasure running hives with people who know what theyre doing. thx for joining mate
yeah i usually dont run tact on the line but there always seems to be a tact on that hive and theyre always selfish. so to spare me the hassle of dealing with that i just went tact myself

dont know what that brawlers deal was btw, srry for messing up the flow by constantly having to kick him. still a very sweet run despite that though

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We played the other day on a daily hive with a not so great nomad, the nomad played like a brawler trying to chase every kill.

I was a demo and you started as a pilot, then the nomad left so you restarted the hive as a nomad and we did it with just us 2.

Funny thing is i played the weekly the trap with that same nomad player and an absolute useless brawler just before i joined you. It didnt go well.


@RnB010 speaking of kicking, you know that crazy lady who hates on you? She joined my lobby the other week (on my secondary account) and I had to kick her (twice). :smiley:

ah yeah I remember that run. I lol’ed after our first wipe when we both at the same time made a comment in chat about how he should chainsaw enemies. but yeah that nomad was different, new to escape maybe but wow lol

I should have just stayed with you the first act but wanted to try to save him. Lost the dropshot in the process. Dude was the main cause of most of our wipes yet he was first to leave and the first run without him we completed it flawlessly xD. It shows how much impact the wrong player can have in escape.

We made up for those fails with a beautiful 2man run though. GG indeed

Watch out before youre the next gears 5 monster/terrorist being hunted down by the interpol for “kicking people for no reason” :joy: