Recognized a forum member in game 2022

@Rexhold GG on 4 man Cannals Roulette.

Minus the Guardians think we got easy spawns :joy:

GG @Thee_Bluejay , @Taiyaki_Kid and @WrinklyHornet34 on Mania Regency.
That Swarmak had to stand in a place our melee couldn’t reach it of course.

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GG, nice to have a team of people who knows what they’re doing. No total bots what so ever.

A one and a two and a: Bot bot bot bot bot.

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Just about broke my mace over my leg in absolute rage. Lose my mind when Swarmaks and Snatchers make my ultimate useless.

Damn thing messed up my ult too.

Swarmaks tiptoe-ing on a cover to become unhittable(and in some stupid cases making the game decide to instakill you, as if the building-sized, genetically modified ape couldn’t stomp on you without needing to stand on something) has to be the worst of the bosses becoming unhittable on covers.

Oh that was you!! Yeah I remember that game, gg. We failed the first time I believe because of the wakatu. After wave 7 its spit is so strong it insta downs you regardless of if youre in the healing circle and a major part of mastering boss rush is positioning to avoid that.

Dawn was the only map that wasn’t beaten first try in Turner’s BR marathon. The sight lines are bad, the wakatu does a weird thing in the ceiling, and the map sorta tricks you into positioning in the wrong spot.

In that first game with you we first chose that wrong spot and had to relearn the right one lol.

Great to see boss rush lobbies that aren’t on blood drive or atrium! Would like to see more!

Oh and also salvo gunner in boss rush is absolutely the best third for a demo and tac. The stun, the passive healing, the tankiness, the team resist and the ultimate are perfect and the classs acts more as a bodyguard and insurance than anything else. I like to say he has the most important job and can be a major necessity if the other 2 melee/ infiltrator guys arent doing their job or die.

Barriers (and funny enough a decoy) we usually use anyway after wave 7 as more insurance.

If the demo and tac and absolutely cracked most outdoor maps are doable with just those two as competent players, so maybe thats why you felt you weren’t doing much :wink:

@Lightblade47 GG on Recclaimed daily :slight_smile:

First time I get to see a Kat/Architect whose barriers aren’t getting destroyed every wave.

@Duffman_GB gg on blood drive today, was nice to finally play against you :slight_smile:

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GG on Asylum :grin:

A well played BM is always a fresh breeze of air, since most Bm’s that i run into are completely useless.

Hi mate, gg. I was a bit pants there, nice couple of nades, but otherwise team (well randoms) did all the heavt lifting. Sorry I didn’t recognise you, hopefully be on same team in future, with me actually “playing” :+1:

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Glad you got a better game than the first host. A forging Jack ffs. I lost the will and turned off my Xbox after that.

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What class were you?

I had to host my own Match because that Host was… what am i suppose to do with no Ammo as Pilot? lmao.

I tryed my best, but damn, witchcraft is not one of those things i can do right now - might be able to do that in the near Future we’ll see. :joy:

Edit: We’ were really unlucky with that Salvo Dr1 though.

But still that Engineer… i have no Words. :joy:

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The lobby title was something like “Explosive classes wanted” so no wonder the match was Tactician, Demolitions, Pilot, Architect and a fifth (that I don’t remember) who quickly quit and got replaced by a low level Striker who amazingly was very good w it :thinking:.

Alright then. Thanks for joining.

Gg @Lightblade47 sure I was just in a match with you? Infiltrator on the daily

Yes. Close range gambit on ephyra. It’s one of the harder ones I think.

Bumped into @Rexhold for a few minutes on blood drive before your ping got the better of you.