Recognized a forum member in game 2022

We did try an “all assault class” challenge with 4 of us, plus one randomer who expessed they were sceptical even at the lobby stage and they left after a few waves so we restarted (but by then a 5th friend came online so we got them in). I just find alot of randoners aren’t open to these kinds of challenges so nowadays I dont bother with them and only do them with a full team of friends. Even normal master games normally turn into ordeals nowadays!


@Duffman_GB I don’t know If you still browse these forums but gg

pc advantage 420000fps shot delay big lebowski hertz monitor
we still lost


Well played. I thought the name looked familiar :+1::ok_hand: I’m very hot n cold with 5 (3 is my Gears) . I think this was my first or second game in 2 weeks. I’m either rubbish or Mvp, mostly rubbish… There really is no inbetween with me. I did manage mvp on the game after, game clip to prove. Lol. Might see you again, but again great to see a formite :smirk::+1:


That would not have been a headshot in Gears 3 :sunglasses:. The OG Longshot did not have heat-seeking bullets! Not to mention even further powered by PC Advantage 420000FPS Shot Delay Big Lebowski Hertz Monitor!

Only joking @SH00BiE_D00 :joy:.

…or am I?

Its crazy that the Longshot was nerfed and still consist of such sheer magnetism magnitude.

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So u saying @Duffman_GB is hot?




Us GB’s are sexual chocolate…oh yeah!

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@Jetwolf_2K GGs in Horde Daily
I think these mutators are the only ones I’ll ever use Nomad. Maybe If I ever learn to paly CQB Nomad but ranged Nomad doesn’t feel too good.


IMO Brawler is the best for these modifiers, i want a team of 5 brawlers lol setting the map ablaze
Although MM Is great too with the freezing bullets for bosses combined with the brawler burning speed reduction

@SH00BiE_D00 GG on the Tomb Horde daily. Only Inconceivable, but worked for me since only 2 of the 12 card drops were scrapped.

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What class did you play? I only did 3 Tombs today where I played Veteran, Robotic Experts and Demolitions.
They all went well because nothing has HP in these mods even on Master lol.

I was the Pilot when you were the Demo. Engineer kicked the Brawler at the start for building a barrier. Was a little worried he might kick me when he saw me carrying a barrier from the fabricator, but I think he realized he built it.

Gg @Bleeding_Pepper

Thanks for carrying my Brawler. I’ve been working on this class forever lol

The Tactician was pretty decent as well. I think I played with that guy before a few times and they’re not on my blocked list (which is practically a ringing endorsement nowadays!)

I only carried act 1. In act 2 my aim was awful. Like the gremlins flicked the off-switch. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@SH00BiE_D00 GG on District daily :slight_smile:

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Was awesome to play with the Legend himself again!
Hope to see you some more man.

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Gg on the Checkout attempt ( you joined my lobby titled Gird Your Loins).

Too bad we failed on our first attempt. The next game I was having terrible lag and frame drop for some reason even though my ping was good.

Anyway, thanks for joining!

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Yeah i thought it was you. think the vets ult was targeting the maitriarch causing it to run straight in.

On the 1st run one guy went up to 800 ping and was lagging all over the place, think was the vet or anchor.


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Bumped into @Rexhold and @SNAKEYWAKEY389 in a Boss Rush lobby I decided to host on Dawn. Despite having the odds stacked against us, it only took two tries for a clear.

Still can’t tell if I was really doing much in holding off the enemies. Might’ve been more useful to play an engineer and put out a few barriers to hold off the smaller enemies.