Recognized a forum member in game 2022

No worries. That was actually my 4th run on checkout. I was with a friend and we were playing different classes each run.
I knew I shouldn’t have played BM because I was already tired and not on top of my game but alas

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GG on Village earlier today. You joined my lobby “ Gird your loins” as Jack :slight_smile:

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Always a pleasure with some good players from here. Vgg @RumblyMonkey991 and @Kid_Kook
I really enjoy Asylum it should have been a pity to leave it without a second try :slight_smile:
I could not go on unfortunately

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I saw you in the lobby and told Kid Kook that I know you :slight_smile:
Thank you for you help!

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I don’t know if stim was a bit helpful against freezing bullets. At least if we were able to eat one or 2 before being completely frozen.
It’s been some time I did not played as anchor and it is really a very tanky class.

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The Anchor is so good, and pretty high damage too. Not as instantaneous as say Demolitions, Blademaster or Marksman, but over a bit more time it packs a punch.

I played an RNG game with some friends last night (where we use a random number generator to choose map and our classes) and ended up with a team of Medic, Mechanic, Slugger, Protector and Anchor. On the surface it’s not the most DPS orientated team, but it was super tanky and we didn’t have any issues at all. Anchor had the highest damage by a reasonable margin. Harness Energy is so good as a team-support card.

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Do you have the card that boosts damage (bullet chain or like that)? My anchor build yesterday was based on the barrier (harness energy, duration and extra-length) the 2 others crazy tough and bloody shot).
I like to have ability to resist especially with the yesterday daily mods and I struggle to use efficiently bullet chain.

My build for Horde is typically:

Bloody Shot
Harness Energy
Barrier Batteries (increase duration)
Barrier Boost (increase size to protect team mates)
Bullet Chain

You don’t have to rely on consistently maxing out the damage stacks to make a difference. Assuming it’s level 6, even two headshot kills will double your damage for 15 seconds which is a pretty big increase.

Also I like using the Overkill as an extra weapon. It’s super-easy to get headshots with this compared to other close-mid-range weapons, so if you have Juvies in the enemy set, then use this to pop their heads for some easy damage stacks then switch to other preferred weapons.

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I use Barrier Feedback instead of Bullet Chain.
For some reason I never was a fan of that card.

Barrier feedback let’s me have my ult for a long time.
And in later waves with Damage perk maxed out it works pretty well.

I find having both Barrier Batteries and Barrier Feedback is overkill and lasts too long (often going into the intermission between waves). I normally go for one or the other.

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It also depends on who I’m playing with. If I have to do hard carry as Anchor Barrier Feedback comes in handy .

RNG modes are fun.

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The main two things I like about them, is that they tend to take people out of their comfort zones in terms of classes they tend to play by throwing them something they may not usually play.

And also they can be proof (when the game goes well) that odd-class combinations can work and the usual relied-upon meta classes are simply not necessary. They don’t even necessarily make the game easier.

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All my horde games a rng and this was one i was definitely sure was never gona work, but we managed it somehow.
Dont think ive ever seen so many revives.

Meaning you play with randoms or only in private with friends ?

I like both but I will try just running one and see how that goes.
Oh and I think the barrier lasts for 20 seconds in Horde (no battery) and 15 seconds in Escape (no battery) so that should be enough with Feedback.

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Only with friends. It’s hard setting up RNG games with randomers as they dont listen and/or dont use mics.


Of course. Still a good way to get some challenge.

I actually think the base duration is 10(Escape)/15(Horde) for the barrier. I have yet to properly test it but it certainly feels right based on how long it feels like it lasts with and without the extension.

It could have changed since it was last tested but I will have to check again. It feels about as long as the mechanic turret in Horde for me though (20 sec)