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GG on today’s daily.

Loved how first try went from 2 Engis to none :joy:

I’m honestly not even sure what to say about the fact that I only started getting good players when I ■■■■■■■ about the awful randoms I was dealing with in the lobby title.

For reference : “Can I just get one good player?”

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My lobby says “ Will you suffer with me?” And apparently people are masochists because they always join me lol

GG @SHEEPSHEEPx on todays 50. Smooth sailing. Nehneh and I had fun :+1:

gg @Bleeding_Pepper
Wonder why the Engie left.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure you didn’t go DBNO before the last set of waves (when the damage is crazy anyway). Very well played!

Shame about the engineer. It was going well and he had a balanced base at first, but he eventually flooded the place with sentries once we were rolling in money to the point some areas we could barely move; and despite me telling him not to build level 3-4 barriers (and that they block my melee lock-on) on my side of the map (I wasn’t fussed about the other areas), he kept building/upgrading them. I paused the game so I could message again (cos it was like wave 47-48 and I didn’t want to be typing a message when the wave started) and all of a sudden he left! Everyone thought I had kicked him, but not even I’m not that mean. We were a couple of waves from the end. If he had been doing this earlier and continued to ignore my messages/requests then I might have, but it was toward the end anyway.

Early on, I was a jackass and got killed by the same Scion that got you (tried to retro poke him) but other than that, things went well.
I am glad I picked up a stick as it saved me a few times.

What were you playing to attempt that with a Scion? Or was it a panic moment mistake?

Anchor. I was just being a jackass.

Well the Scion clearly wasn’t having any of that. I imagine it’d have looked pretty funny to any onlookers, though.

Also, why are people masochistic enough to play this mod set on a 50?

Is it still possible to leave a match by pressing buttons just as the host pauses the game?

Recently i managed to changed my mark button when a host paused as i was moving about the map.

Yeah, if you’re in the middle of pressing certain buttons I guess you could accidentally choose to leave the game. I’ve had a couple of near-misses, but it’s relatively rare for me (but have done it before quite a long time ago). I guess as you use the A button to select things in the menus and with rolling and sliding being tied to the A button (default controls). I’m not sure when precisely they left the game as you don’t get the message “Player A has left the game” until you actually unpause, and I was typing a message which probably took around 10 seconds.

Im sure TC will fix that soon.

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