Recognized a forum member in game 2022

This literally blew my mind.

Reminds me of the unfortunate souls who are born on February 29th during a leap year lol


We may have to lock the thread because of how off topic it is right now😂

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It’s not a forum post without people arguing :triumph:


Saw that @SH00BiE_D00 was about to open his lobby and wait for randoms so I invited him to our lobby. Played a few with him. GG.

I Was playing CM. The Claw on CM is actually pretty good. Over 1k a shot, rapid fire provides some good damage.


Sorry dude, it’s still 2021 :wink:


Yeah but the other thread is closed lol


Well it’s officially 2022 here now so happy new year, and hopefully without “human malware” interference.


I’ve been trying CM recently and when I do one of two things happens:

  1. The team does great and never goes down so I’m essentially unneeded
  2. The team/setup is awful and I get a million revives but we’re doomed to fail anyway

It annoys me so much when some Medic’s don’t equip one card out of Over Doing It; or Get Up. If you’re close to an enemy you just go straight down again. I really think that the effects of Over Doing it should be applied to Team Revive by default.

I played the current daily Horde (Checkout) on 1-50 yesterday and we nearly wiped cos of this - a Swarmak got into the base and repeatedly downed several of us - we eventually managed to stay up and kill it. We didn’t have the most conventional or optimal team (Mechanic, JACK, Slugger, Medic and Blademaster) but we got through it mostly without drama. Even Sentinels and Guardians weren’t a problem.

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I always have both of those on. If a person goes down those 2 cards makes sure that they stay alive. I dont run team repair because it seems pointless with an RE as our engineer.

Met @ReaganSmash1985 on Horde Frenzy checkout. GG, that was a smooth run.

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I typically run:

Custom Lancer
Perfect Condition
Over Doing It
Helpful Headshots

I switch out Over Doing It for Get Up if there’s a Nomad or Infiltrator in the team, but generally prefer Over Doing It. I know some people prefer just one damage resistance card but I like that little extra if I need to run out to revive someone, so don’t have space for both.


It even winds me more up when you got useless medic who ONLY uses team revive when the combat medic goes down themselves.

You would think they’ll be using it for team repair (for broken fortifications), but no, just wasting it lol.

gg @TC_Clown

I should have won that 1v

Another Engineerless daily Master Frenzy with @SeeLogisticz. GG.

First time I’ve encountered the Veteran Band of Brothers bug.


Valiant effort.

Yeah, that was one of the easiest dailies in a minute. We were picking all types of lineups, that didn’t even fit the modifiers, lol. Gg, too.

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@Bleeding_Pepper thanks for the game in Ice Queen :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:First time I ever beat it without having the Venom constantly pushing me. Even if that came with the poor Blademaster not having access to his venom cards :confused:

Too bad it was the Elite Grenadier spawn (so constant Stun Grenades available) would have loved to see how it worked in the Grenadier spawn :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Choptop_Otis GGs earlier on Village, Nexus and Ritual. You did well as a Striker and Blademaster :slightly_smiling_face:. I felt your pain when you accidentally bought a trishot instead of a breaker mace lol.