Recognized a forum member in game 2020, post here :)

A brand new thread for the current year as the old one was getting flooded.

Please note this isn’t a thread to trash talk opposition or teammates, but is a good opportunity to say hi and make friends with other forum folk :slight_smile:

Edit: Friendly banter is fine though.


Wished I thought of this :+1::facepunch:


Ran into @Slipping_Flames @Scoops_4 @MostMosquito348 @TC_Clown @AliceInChainsaw @Metal_Gear_Mo @Keep_The_Bacon @Krylon_Blue @KevElite89 and a ton of others over the last week.

GG everyone :slight_smile:


I’m sure I’ve played with and against @veL1986

Would be nice to have a list of forum members, their region, platform, what days/times they usually play and whether Crossplay On or Off so I can look out for those tags :sweat_smile:

I feel like it’s so rare to see people!


That is not a bad idea at all…

Platform: Xbox1x and xbox
Region: UK, tend to be on most evenings around 19:00-23:00 .
Crossplay: off, I’m bad enough without having to battle pc players as well!
Mode: KOTH, 90% of time
Skill: usually around Gold, although stuck in Silver a lot of the time on 5.
I think being objective and this is based on my experience. I’m prob a mid to high Gold level most of the time.
Gears played: 3 (daily) 5, UE,
Coms. I have a headset and tend to use for shout outs and general info.


yes we have played several times :slight_smile:

  • germany
  • PC
  • Koth and tdm
  • Master Rank

Ran into no one.

Just want to be on the first page.


I hope to see more people!

Platform: PC
Crossplay On (Default as on PC)
Region: UK/EU
Times: 7pm - 1am BST
Playlist: KOTH
Input: Controller (Elite v2)

You’ll see me in Arcade once new Tour arrives, I’ll just keep re-rolling until I hit General Rank which takes about 2-5 days of playing/grinding. Then back to KOTH.


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Git Gud Ghost ol boy!


Ran into L sD on Gnashers KOTH but he quit out before spawning into the match. I wanted to have the privilege of shotty battling a reup 50

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: ;(


Then catch me in a 1v1 kid, and I’ll show you why you don’t talk ■■■■ about TH3 6IX BABYYYYyyyYYyYy.

HashtagTalksh*tgethit HashtagAyyyyyyougottaletmeclutchthough


I ran into you. Vasgar you had a quitter and i had an afk’er. Really fast match. GG

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I met @L_sD_Wo_lf_Pu_p before seeing him on the forums. Haven’t really recognized anybody since then :sweat:


Lmao bruh

You too funny hahaha

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The irony is that I think I met @L_sD_Wo_lf_Pu_p when I was grinding for XP in Escape :sweat_smile:


I’ll add to this once again like the last thread we had. I hope I don’t play with anyone here on these forums. I’ll literally play a game or two with like 3 people. @TC_Clown, perhaps my homie from another continent @GhostofDelta2 and my brother from across the river @ll_R_E_D_l. other than that, if I do play, I will go AFK with whomever else is on my team or will just walk around the whole map not helping the team. I’ll also sabotage any horde I play with some people here so watch out!!! On a serious note, I won’t do that to any one playing Horde but for MP, I surely will.


Thanks for the heads up,

I’ll make sure I dash if I see you on my team :joy:


Someone has to know who I am I play everyday


do you play versus or horde man ?

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Both but, more KOTH

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I think I once say you on horde , I think we were playing in INSANE difficulty on Forge .

Nonetheless I’m not sure, but I think I once play with you there.

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