Reclaimed now in public?

Played ranked KOTH tonight…one of the maps up for vote was Reclaimed! Didn’t get to play it. This for real or a bug? Anyone confirm or deny…


Yeah I just played on it



Dam is also part of the rotation.


Played it earlier, yay different maps.:neutral_face:


I hope they bring back river and avalanche from gears 2.

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River alllll the way!

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Can’t wait to see two minute long stand off with last guy alive holed up inside sniper building just to get destroyed after missing a sniper shot and getting rushed by three dudes. :neutral_face:

Avalanche is fine though, it was also in 4 so easy enough to port.
Stasis is a map I would like to see return and since Sires are back it fits in with them.

Oh boy, @ClNTRoN is going to love this one. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Lmao those must be the 3 worst players in the world if it takes them that long to collectively rush 1 dude specially holed up in a dead end. 1 vs 1 will draw after a minute so it should be better this time round but I was thinking more in terms of for horde in regards to river anyways. It was one of my favorite maps for that mode.

There gonna keep putting the maps thst are in horde into versus and claim they are listening about the lack of maps lol

To be fair, they were really against the idea of doing it. It took a lot of persuasion to get them to do it.

I’m glad they did, as even though I’m not that keen on the gears 4 launch maps, I’d rather have those added to give some variety.

I’m already bored to tears with most of the gears 5 launch maps.

So kudos where kudos is due.

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It is better than nothing but I feel we’re gonna have the same deal with gears 4, old maps or varieties of maps

Reclaimed is a hoot in horde