Reclaimed is a S*** map

Why do people vote for this map again?

People literally will vote for this map just hug to the trishot/buzzkill and camp right outside the respective spawns with them. It’s a ■■■■■■■ joke.


Don’t forget the Rétro.

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Because people love maps that are “easy”

Why do you think lots of people don’t like Allfathers/Asylum/Exhibit? Because you can’t just sit there in one spot the whole match and get an easy win like you can in Reclaimed. Players are so coddled that they don’t like to fight for anything nowadays, why play a match that can go on for like 30+ minutes (especially in KOTH) when you can play a map where the outcome is decided much much faster?

When people say they like a map like Reclaimed or even Gridlock for that matter what they really mean is “I like to abuse all the weapons on this map the whole game”

Why do you think Reclaimed Windflare/Harbor Haze weren’t the maps ported over? Because players hated that maps actually had counter to camping in them (players couldn’t just camp up top with trishot all game in Windflare)

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I unironically love playing Reclaimed, Asylum, and Allfathers because I just find them all around good maps. Taking the top is good but it’s easily countered with the bottom area. Just take the snipe and ruin their day. Also people pick those maps you mentioned all the damn time aside from exhibit so idk what lobbies you’re joining.


Pahanu and District getting picked over Exhibit hurts my soul every time it happens

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Ive never ran into a camping problem on reclaimed… but then again like @SamuraiEdgeEX said, me or someone on my team usually secures snipe most of the time, so trishot/buzzkill is rarely an issue.

I did dislike Windflare though, but not entirely the same reason, as my reason was simple… 90% of the games I played on 4, was Guardian… 90% of my Guardian games I played on that map… my dumba$$ leaders get struck by lightening

On the other hand I liked both versions of Harbor… yea Haze was challenging when the fog came in, annoying getting killed cause you couldn’t see em coming, but I welcome a good challenge, as long as that challenge isn’t a stack camping and lancering from every angle possible.

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I’m aware how popular they are, however lots of folks of will tell you how much they hate it, the reason goes back to what I was saying.

Snipe counter is there yes, but that doesn’t change the fact the top is arguably the best power position out of any map (boltoks/retros AND a trishot/buzzkill? you gotta be kidding me) and never forget the sniper can just move to the top making at even worse experience. Windflare meant you couldn’t just get 10-15 kills with trishot as easily is my point.

Edit: its why people hate the snowstorm on Icebound, they despise maps that actually challenge them. Not saying everybody thinks this way (I think Icebound is arguably top 5 GOW5 maps) but you’ll also hear how much they “miss” the boltok, no you don’t miss the boltok you miss camping the whole damn game and being rewarded for it, that sort of thing.

Snipe is an extremely hard counter to Trishot. If your team gives up both of them, you deserve the L that round.

The Retro is a bit too powerful, but that isn’t the fault of the map.

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Reclaimed plays pretty well for multiple modes in my opinion. I think it gets picked a lot because it’s familiar too.

Blood Drive is a campers map. Look how many times we’ve had it. People loved it though.

Edit: I think the changes to the top area for KOTH in Gears 5 have helped. Gives more angles to attack.

Remember the sides were always up in Gears 4.

The retros are horrible on it, the trishot is too and let’s not even mention how people camp up top and just Lancer down.

For sure not my favourite map, but it’s more so how people play on it which annoys me rather than the actual map.

Also icebound is ■■■■ and I don’t dislike it because it’s ‘challenging’ it’s because it’s another map which favours camping Lancer nerds.

So people have said this already, but…

Even with my limited Versus experience of only playing the map once or twice in it(in Gears 4, but the weapon spawns have remained the same…), the Sniper pretty much counters the heavy weapon spawn. I certainly did just that the one time I got the EMBAR and proceeded to hang back with it while taking out anyone foolish enough to stick their heads out… including the Buzzkill user at the top of the hill. Just grab the Longshot or EMBAR, either will result in a lost head for the heavy weapon user if you are a good shot and are allowed to hang back with the sniper.

Then again, it was a relatively low rank match so there didn’t seem to be as much camping involved on part of the players, so maybe it is bad. Hasn’t been when I played on it though.

I do miss the boltok though, and I didn’t camp with it, on 4 I was just as loose with it as a gnasher… but now on 5 I don’t even bother picking it up anymore, cause it’s trash.

Eh, inside the house is a pretty fun place to play.

But other than that it is a simple map with uninteresting cover and as usual, too much open space.
The standard tc map template.

If you took Gears 1-4 (+Judgment) and went through every multiplayer map and had to pick the worst map in existence, that map would be better than Exhibit.

And it has nothing to do with being an easy or difficult map to play, like others have stated, it just has an awful layout, in my opinion.

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Yes terrible map this is all that happens

Should be a 2v2 map. :slight_smile:

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I assume you are only concerned about this on TDM?
Because I have never experienced this playing KotH.

but honestly the ONE map that is the most different and hardest for me to enjoy is pahanu. its a big change in pace. matches are long, map is huge. and theres actually a lot of lancering involved.

The real tragedy is that Reclaimed Windflare didn’t come back.


I agree. I always vote for anythiing else when it comes up. It’s terrible for horde too.