Reclaim Map on Master Frenzy


I am working on my missing maps for seriously 2.0. my crew and i where working on reclaims map on Frenzy master.
has anyone seen glitches on this like the enemy has so much health they are not dying or on wave 12 the matriarch and snatcher jump from one end into your base?

We have played it like 10 times not. We are not that bad….lol but it seems like the enemy walk through six barriers while we are killing them and we made it to wave 12 just to have the boss jump or spawn in the base.

Any constructive help or has anyone notice this map or other exception hard. And yes we all have level 20 characters and 5 and 6 card levels.

I’ve seen this on Allfathers before. Snatcher jumped across the entire map.

Can be easily prevented by setting up in the middle of the map.

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If the Snatcher did this more often it would 20% become a more deadlier boss. Snatchers are suppose to lunge at someone when they’re down anyways, yet its only a chance it’ll happen for some reason. Why is this not more consistent? It would vibe check so many people who aren’t running Infiltrator.


all i know is I have never failed this map this much. I saw invisible jack killed while he was hiding to keep us alive in the game waiting to do pick ups.

Kinda ironic that Kait is such a hard counter to Snatchers.

I see them jump the map more often if there’s a down for them to grab. They’re unlikely to jump very often otherwise.

do you also think that if some takes a hit on matriarch and misses then she attacks? so maybe leave her alone and avoid bosses and focus on the soldiers not the bosses

If you leave her alone, chances are very low that she’s gonna aggro giving you plenty of time to clear out the other enemies and move out of the base to prevent property-damage. Obviously don’t play with randoms though, they’ll always mess it up.

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Well bullets near missing the Matriarch still catch its attention just like if you hit it from any angle. If you don’t want it bothering you immediately and it spawns on the other side of the map, you’ll want to avoid aggroing it.

And on Lambent waves the Matriarch will often go after them too, so it makes it even easier to avoid the boss until you cleared most of the wave.


Best way to deal with Matriarchs is simply ignore them for as long as you can. ie don’t shoot at them or mark them. Clear as many of the rest of the enemies as you can before you have to deal with them.

I can’t count how many times I’ve thrown a run with randoms because I decide its a good idea to fire a longshot at a Kestrel at the start of the wave. Kestrel fires at everyone but it definitely gains aggro on whoever takes the first hit.

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It’s like “I was trying to chill but noo, you had to shoot me so now you all have to die early.”

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Is it the person who fires first at it or marks it?

In 4, I distinctly remember the Kestrel targeting the person who marked it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it as the same in 5.