Recently you guys posted a quit penality solution for Jan, 27th, but I hope more is done, hopefully this is feasible TC

with addition to your idea, of having the game not count to your stats or the round if someone quits before the round starts; previously stated in your post… I’m thinking a few more factors as well. Because How many people would or could just quit right after their in play or things don’t look good, in which ever or however is meant in your idea already.

  1. take in consideration the number of kills the opposing team has

  2. take in consideration how fast a set number of kills is gained by the opposing team

  3. take in consideration these same concerns listed in numbers 1 & 2; to determine If the team the quitter is on counts… in other words ‘the allied side’.

  4. maybe consider how much the quitter helped out the allied side through taking numbers 1 and 2 considerations and applying it to the quitters k/d that round/match

………so what do all you viewers think? And how do you feel about the current state of Tc’s quit penalty, solution’s idea?