Recent or planning stupid purchases

Whats something stupid you recently bought or are thinking about getting?

Im thinking about rebuying a ps2 the only problem is i dont know how it would work on my modern tv. Plus i could save that money to buy mortal kombat 11.

What about you?

My PS2 works just fine on my modern tv. :grin:

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An Apple Watch. Really, I could have done without it. But I guess I’ll keep it.

An Xbox one x just so I can get horde at 60fps. Really the only reason

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i bought 120 cup noodles from amazon because i thought it’d be funny i dont plan on eating them all because then i’d probably die because they have 1000mgs of sodium per cup it was roughly 80$ for all the of them so i think you’re good

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I did this (xbox1x), took me a week to realise there was a performance toggle so spent a few days trying to convince myself i hadnt completely wasted the money.

Gears of War: Judgment. The thought crossed my mind for a millisecond. Shame on me. :pensive:

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Thanks haha

I purchased the original Xbox to play halo 2 online, it didn’t let me play with my 3 month xbox live. I searched in the internet the problem, I realized Xbox Live shutdown on the original Xbox.

Im sorry