Recent Lag + Inconsistencies + Sponging - Is It The Servers or Players? - TC Please Read!

(III EnVii III) #171

A what squad :eyes:

(hotbeatz85) #172

Lol this reminds of when Lizard Squad took down Xbox Live

(III EnVii III) #173

Ah yeah, I vaguely remeber reading about that on Engadget like, what, a few years ago now?

(cribbel) #174

In this video you will learn about basic computer networking, update rates, tick rates and a lot more which affects your online experience. I also tell you the reason behind “super bullets”!.

(III EnVii III) #175

Played with you yesterday and you quit out on Hotel because your team was losing.


(Ektope) #176

This is very educational, I probably knew like most of this.

(cribbel) #177

I did not quit first… it was, 4 vs 5. And then I got the option to return to main menu after 3 mins… And we played the full 5vs5 right after.

(cribbel) #178

good for you. But not all people are aware.

(Ektope) #179

Yeah, everyone who complains about lag comp, pings and such should take a look if they don’t understand.

(III EnVii III) #180


One guy quit and then pretty soon after you bailed too.

So you quit out :-1: - first, second, third, doesn’t matter …

(Krylon Blue) #181

It does matter, @III_EnVii_III. The first person to quit is the problem. I don’t quit out regardless of how many quit but I don’t see any issue with bailing if you’re short handed. Especially if the game gives you the option to do so which actually makes it okay to quit according to the rules of the game.

(cribbel) #182

Lol, I ain’t wasting my gaming time playing 4vs5. We played straight after anyways so it seems the whole team quit. And you need to wait for some time to be able to return to main menu. I don’t care about loosing…

(III EnVii III) #183

Nah the other 3 stayed and finished,

I guess it’s everyones opinion but I still wouldn’t quit :-1:

(Krylon Blue) #184

It’s King of the Hill though. A short handed team has no chance of winning and you know this to be true. If this was a kill based mode I’d agree with you because you do stand a chance. But an objective based mode where the enemy team immediately pulls out the rifles the moment they see a quitter? No thank you, the first quitter isn’t penalized enough if you ask me. The way the quit system should work is the first quitter should not only get their XP and rank loss but every bit of XP loss for all players they left behind and also any quit penalties from others that leave after then.

Gotta be tough!

(HUG3 N3WB) #185

Quitters have to protect their artificial rank though! That’s what 95% of people quit for. They want their fake rank and fake k/d ratios intact, because they need people to think they’re great, when in reality they’re average or plain trash.

Not accusing the guy who you said quit of this, it’s a general statement.

When you quit (first guy to do so), you should immediately go down in rank, lose 1k credits and 10k XP.

I bet that would stop quitting far more than time penalties. Nothing worse than losing a load of time sunk into the game. Far more effective than a time ban that you can just go play something else whilst you wait

(III EnVii III) #186

I agree, you should lose %, XP and Ban.

Those three things would stop Quitters as a lot of the time people are leaving because team is losing and they cba trying to win so they just leave to “protect” their rank but then it’s just a false rank in the end …

(SmokeTastyBuds) #187

Might also be helpful to include in Gears 5 a quit statistic, so everyone can see how many times you’ve quit, what modes and how many minutes/hours/days you’ve been banned for having quit.

I can think of nothing that changes human behaviour as quickly as public shaming and ridicule.

(III EnVii III) #188

Aha, love this idea although we have to be careful from genuine timeouts as I’ve had this like 3 times since playing gears.

(SmokeTastyBuds) #189

Yeah I’ve seen alot of “server kicked and banned me plz help” type posts so I think the system would have to be implemented on a basis where it only records voluntary quits, where the player is given fair warning this quit will count against them.

With disconnects from server it might be better to record as a separate statistic, possibly hidden from public view. since if you can quit without penalty by signing out or disconnecting network cables people will do that, at least if its being recorded TC can implement bans for players who very regularly disconnect despite having few visable networking issues before the disconnect.

Unless gears 5 sees some awesome new servers that are powered by some kind of super flawless sorcery that never boots anyone for no reason and yanno, ping filter :crossed_fingers:

In which case sod it, perma ban those fake diamond a-holes.

(Lambent Lucky) #190

They should remove lag compensation. If your PING is 150 then you’re just that far behind on your shots. It would also fix a lot of the kill trade window.