Recent Lag + Inconsistencies + Sponging - Is It The Servers or Players? - TC Please Read!

(Royce Batty) #128

Are you stupid? I am at work. As in not home. Completely missing the point of the post.

(III EnVii III) #130

I thought it was pretty clear post?

Then you have utilisation issues with your ISP if your ping doubles during peak times :+1:

(III EnVii III) #132

You misunderstood completely if that’s your conclusion :-1:

You clearly have an issue somewhere with utilisation and your connection spiking during peak times, like you admitted yourself.

As stated before, I would be interested in seeing what the game shows as your North EU ping compared to your West EU ping …

I doubt there will be a significant difference - I’ve never heard of such a thing before.

And it’s definitely not something my many friends have been experiencing nor has anyone voiced that within the forums themselves …

(III EnVii III) #134

Nice to know your a grown man who can have a conversation :+1:

Seriously though you said yourself when it’s peak times your ping goes up - what has that got to do with the UK?

And you clearly missed the posts I made about Japan and Sweden having excellent Internet and you must have also missed where I put the companies in the UK need to do more to deliver better internet …

Maybe use those brain cells to firstly realise you are going off topic in this thread, posting something that’s extremely unlikely and blaming what exactly?

All I asked for was to get something more concrete than “my ping is double to the UK” - knowing the difference between North and West Pings might be able to shed some light on what your experiencing and I would have tried to at least get you some answers.

No idea why you have such a bad attitude :-1:

(Krylon Blue) #135

My friend pings around 5ms in-game a lot of the time. He also says during those matches his shots don’t register consistently which makes sense considering my shots don’t do anything below a 30ms ping.

(Krylon Blue) #136

To be fair, some of those countries do have poor internet. Hell, Australia is blaming gamers for their weak internet infrastructure now.

(III EnVii III) #137

I agree - some of those countries do have poor internet too - Australia has been known to be bad plus it’s so far from the UK & Europe it really needs its own server - it’s a massive country …

I too have had 5ms ping in matches :+1: - see attached photo.

It’s intersting to see that Microsoft has added ALOT more servers and locations to the Azure Platform - I don’t think Gears 4 is utilising them but maybe Gears 5 will.

The USA seems to have a lot more and thankfully so does the UK with two servers now in the mainland too and more around Europe itself :raised_hands:

(Krylon Blue) #138

Just played a Social match of Blitz where an opponent from Mexico was pinging at 700-900 all match. Unplayable.

This is some kind of a joke, right? At some point you just tell them they’re pinging too high and no matches could be found regardless of if it’s ranked or social.

(xSTREET GIBSx) #139

I only played two games yesterday. And I was in heaven. Sorta. I dropped 82 kills all my shots felt like a shotgun should at close range. Only had 6 downs so it was all gibs for the most part. And everyone in the lobby had 30ms or lower. With mine being the lowest staying in the 10-15 range. If only the matchmaking gods would always bless me like that. I was playing against a really good team too. 3 diamonds and 2 onyx players. My team was 4 onyx and 1 gold. I was playing solo and ended up losing 0-2. I got mvp and smooth operator.

So even though I lost it was so much fun having the game work as intended and no sponging mess

The other game was just as good but also a loss. Only 50 kills but still had smooth operator and mvp as well, just seems like match making is all RNG, makes me not wanna even search for a game today and remember what it’s like to be tainted by highping matchups

(Krylon Blue) #140

It’s been an extremely long while since I’ve had a lobby like that. It’s amazing because not only do your shots register but your movements are fluid with no random teleporting or sticking to cover. It’s ridiculous I have to say this but 99.9% of matches run so poorly it makes you never want to play again. The only thing that keeps me going is that hope for that .1% that I haven’t seen in months. I’ve since stopped playing much and when I do I stick to Social so I can quit out when it inevitably runs poorly. Its a shame they think pairing my 30ms US ping with a 100ms, high fluctuation (1100ms) Mexico ping is acceptable. Due to this I find myself sitting here bored watching TV but instead of suffering from the lag I just continue to watch TV. I think I may have hit the point where I’ve given up just as all my friends have.

New achievements or not you can’t bring me back if your netcode promotes a poor gaming environment.

(Krylon Blue) #141

This matchmaking is top notch!

I think I’m done unless they do address the issues. I don’t want to see anyone above 75ms in the game because it breaks for some reason. I paid $100 for this game and it runs like an Alpha.

(III EnVii III) #142

When that happens, I go full MLG Tryhard mode and I go Super MVP and basically RUN that match!! :joy::joy::joy:

It honestly feels like a totally different game!

I’m glad you had one those matches :+1:

But it only happens like, once a month, if I’m lucky.

Otherwise, game don’t work and I’m sat there wondering how someone can eat point blanks and at the very least I see blood but after the sponge warriors gib me - guess what? The game doesn’t even show I did ANY damage :sob:

(W4rMunKey) #143

I got to Wondering, in how is there a player host? Where the lobby may be created on the gears server like player location etc but the shots and ■■■■ get moved through player host? Almost like cod?

(III EnVii III) #144

I doubt it - TC consistently say like 99% of games are on servers and a host player would see a ping of 0 …

(Krylon Blue) #145

It’s definitely full on dedicated servers. The coding is just written poorly.

(III EnVii III) #146

If there is a 100-player battle royale game, I can’t wait to see that lagfest in action :joy:

(chaaze) #147

I’m sure too for Ranked Azure cloud acting as dedicated. For Social there’s a huge difference how game plays when crowned player has low ping and high ping assuming that QS is P2P. Although all game modes use MS Live matchmaking, so pings is relative to data center even with quicksocial, not to the host. I’m just assuming, I’ve seen a lot of different lobbies so far acting very differently.

(III EnVii III) #148

Everything should run on severs, even private matches.

(Krylon Blue) #149

The issue is the way this game netcode handles everything. It can’t handle players coming in and leaving without throwing a fit. It happened in the beta and it still happens here. None of us should be surprised given that Team Mexico is literally unstoppable due to their high pings. No self respecting coder would want their name on a netcode written to be the worst in gaming. No one.

(III EnVii III) #150

Yeah, it’s fundamentally flawed down to its DNA.

I’m hoping for something cool from TC at E3 in 2 days time :raised_hands: