Recent Lag + Inconsistencies + Sponging - Is It The Servers or Players? - TC Please Read!

(W4rMunKey) #81

I’m so glad I’m not the only one with this issue… ok, I can rest easy knowing all my point blank shots aren’t for nothing. 25ms ping here and about to pull all my chest fro out because of the b.s in games, social or ranked it doesn’t matter, but seems my game locks up and needs reboot when my team is winning by a landslide

(xDemonBrotherx) #82

I just dont like that they will answer more questions on twitter than the official forums. All that I ask is a simple hey we are looking at the concerns and yes there is a connection and shot gun inconsistency but we are investigating routes of improvement.

We all have plenty of evidence as of late to show this inconsistent gameplay.

For example here is thread from the now old forums and no TC answer{video}/f4b929c4-1537-4597-a191-a14e99de2071/posts

and one from our current forums with no real answer:

and also this current thread

(III EnVii III) #83

It’s so frustrating to go from having consistent shots with an all-bit match to having a shotgun that does nothing when players join - even when hardaiming direct shots into others …

So many times I’m getting 79% - like am I that skilled that I can shoot someone exactly 79% damage all the time? - doesn’t make sense !

(Finnie1245) #84

For the record, @xDemonBrotherx
this clip you quoted is the missing zabruder film. There was a second sniper…

The clip shows the second sniper taking the pellets while the first is coming in for the killshot
Watch it again!AP2K3edrAkkBL8w&cid=30EEC77A239CDC13&id=30EEC77A239CDC13!374&parId=30EEC77A239CDC13!108&o=OneUp

(III EnVii III) #85

Looking at getting Satellite Internet so my ping is a nice 2,000ms and I then might be able to play the game :+1:

(Al Bundy 33hero) #86

Was playing Execution with a full squad today and several times, when I was last man up, I’d hear my teammates say, “WHAT?!?!” after I would shoot point blank and get no damage registered. This was being streamed on 2 people’s twitch channels so I don’t think they were just patronizing me.
I’d just say, “Yea, this is how the game plays for me.”

One of the matches today was Escalation against Angry FPS’s all-PC squad and I swear, one of the players let me get free shots on him before he moved in for the gib and it said I did no damage in the 4 shots. I clipped it and, watching back, 3 of them were clean, in the 3-shot-down range. I genuinely wonder how the servers could not register what was happening on my screen.

I sincerely think there’s something wrong with the way the game registers info from my xbox. The strange thing is that some matches are super-smooth and I don’t feel like my input is being delayed. Others, it’s clear that something isn’t connecting right. I really don’t know what to do.


Ayy that’s me thanks bro. Glad to see other people notice

(xDemonBrotherx) #88

Well that’s not my clip or and I am not in it.

Technically yes they hit the other sniper but looking closer it doesnt even look like he was blindfiring that direction and for a split second at the end you can see Street Gibs gnasher is in the closest snipers body and looks like a second shot may have happened. It should have gibbed that sniper at that range then equalling a simultaneous death…therefore I think that constitutes a gnasher inconsistency.

Regardless though what happened in this one clip. There are many other videos showing inconsistencies.

(III EnVii III) #89

This is EXACTLY my biggest problem - for me - my shots feel like marshmallows against most people !!

I always try to shoot first and get damage and I know I don’t miss most of my shots - there are times when I fully accept I missed or I didn’t shoot first, fair enough, but my team mates have said the same time when they actually watch through the death cam - like they actually feel my pain and they say “wow I actually watched that”

Or a teammate will shoot someone, die and another will shoot, get damage and die and I’ll come a along and put a hard aim into them but I’ll get one shot killed - and the other guy just sponged 3 shots and got a triple :confused:

But when we add up the damage done on our screens literally within a 1-2 seconds of each other - it’s well over 100% …


I’m the one in the clip. First with the amount of spread that hit. At the range it hit should have been a kill. Anyways. The point was it says I didn’t even touch him. I wonder what he saw on his screen.



The good ole days :cold_sweat:

(chaaze) #92

90% of matches atm for me if gnasher involved:
enemy charging gnash in run towards me, baam baam baam, distance, semi distance, close range all on active - NOTHING… no downs, oh ■■■■, evade evade wall bounce, then he’s confused and baam baam me with the same effect - finally both shooting at each other - traded kill, wait for respawn… over and over again

(III EnVii III) #93

That’s what I remeber before Christmas :+1:

Now, I’m questioning whether that was even possible and if this is how the game always played - bassically a spongey mess …


Yep the vid is from just about a year ago. Was in mid July 2017

(III EnVii III) #95

Ah, the good ol’ days …

2018: Year of The High Ping Warriors :v:

(Krylon Blue) #96

My god… so that’s what the Gnasher is supposed to do. All this time has gone by since my last game where it actually worked consistently that I forgot it does indeed do more than a sneeze worth of damage. I mean, I know it can be powerful because I’m nuked by it from 20 feet away daily but my Gnasher does 0% damage when all pellets hit at point blank half the time nowadays.

(III EnVii III) #97

Yeah, I’m telling you, I’m one of the unlucky low ping players like yourself who’s got a marshmallow Gnasher while others have a BoomShot Like Gnasher - insta kills before they’ve even looked at you :+1:

(xxDAMRONxx) #98

Responding in Twitter is easier than these forums. Topics get buried so fast here from constant “hate and complaining” posts so it’s hard for them to keep track I bet. The twitter crowd is not as negative (still negative, but not to the degree of these forums)

(III EnVii III) #99

I want to see more polls and voting.

(W4rMunKey) #100

It’s because people don’t know how to use search function and actually look before posting…