Recent Lag + Inconsistencies + Sponging - Is It The Servers or Players? - TC Please Read!

(Krylon Blue) #61

Here’s one from a game last night…

(III EnVii III) #62

144 caps in 8 minutes? :sunglasses:

(Krylon Blue) #63

Lol, that’s Blitz and it’s in seconds not total captures. :joy:

(xDemonBrotherx) #64

Love that this thread is still going on even from the now old forums yet we haven’t even got much of anything or close to an acknowledgement from TC saying they are investigating. How many videos and screenshots are needed to get the ball rolling here?

(K0oLAiiD) #65

They are watching :evergreen_tree::eyes::evergreen_tree:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #66

Just played 3 matches and the first two were relatively smooth. 3rd was horrendous. I just had to play support because the opponents would eat even my hard aims and there was nothing I could do to get it to play well. We won, but it left me with a miserable feeling and I decided to play something else tonight.

(Krylon Blue) #67

Actually, they say it runs on par with other games according to independent tests. I’m not sure who ran the test but what I do know is they likely tested it on LAN as that wouldn’t be the first time for a Gears game… Cough Gears 2 Cough.

Maybe it runs better for them in Canada? I don’t know but I doubt they get the players from south of the US border that spike every second.

(III EnVii III) #68

“Oh no - they’ve noticed”

“What shall we do about it?”

“Release Griffin and price him as high as possible?”

“You deserve a promotion”

*TC Team Quietly giggle away”

(K0oLAiiD) #69

LMAO time to vacate the Forums

(III EnVii III) #70

Time to vacate Gears 4 and let the Wall Bouncing Ninja MLG Try Hards enjoy the spongey - Lag Spiking - Shot Eating - online mess :sob:

On a serious note - I would honestly like to hear TC’s opinion on this.

Is there something going on? Is it being monitored / investigating?

Why am I getting 79% & 83% for point blanks?

Why no issues against bots?

Why not issues against close friends?

Why the lag spikes and my player lagging / shaking?

Why in almost every lobby?

Why does my shotgun feel so underpowered?

Why won’t my screen accurately show characters position / stance?

Why can some players shoot two bullets faster than me even though I’ve just put the first bullet in?

Why do other players Gnashers have massive range and I have to be right up close to do anything??

It just doesn’t feel right !!!

(K0oLAiiD) #71

TC reads

Cricket Cricket

(III EnVii III) #72

TC Plays A Game In Office On LAN

“This Works Perfectly - We’ll done Everybody”

“Someone give that guy a promotion for his kind words!”

“How about we release a new RAAM and Skraak Character as a cool new credit option?”

“You know what’s even better? Let’s put them behind a pay wall!”

“Hey you know what’s even better? Let’s make people buy the comics to get them!”

“Hey you know what’s even better?! - let’s only offer them ONE for buying the comics and THEN release them for money after!!!”

“Wow this guy is a GENUiS !! - someone give him a couple of promotions!!”


Meanwhile the game is broken with no explanation as to why nothing is working and TC have just spent a few weeks discussing plans about two characters …

(chaaze) #73

I really doubt TC would report back here anything related to blame Microsoft in public.

(SaSuKe One) #74

I played against high ping players.
Opposite team had 400 to 1000 in ping. In freakin Ranked!?!
Thats not fair,at ALL!
There has to be a ping limit DAMMIT! In ranked.
No wonder shots gets eaten, like Pacman eating the dots! XD

(III EnVii III) #75

It could be their own Lag Comp settings or that crazy 250ms buffer.

Or allowing a 100-200-600+ ping player in a lobby with 20-40ms players :+1:

Just have a filter!

I’d wait to play with 50ms or less players.

(K0oLAiiD) #76

Well Scripted…you must work there sitting in the back with your hand up trying to offer legitimate solutions .
You- “Hey lets make some improvements to matchmaking and ranking”
TC- silence… “Cough”
TC- "anyone else?

(III EnVii III) #77

Safe to say, no ones ever shouted for me to get promotion :disappointed_relieved:

Imagine if they hosted a eSports Tournement via the Internet rather than LAN to mimic how 99% of players actually play the game.

Oh the commentary on that would be AMAZING !!

All those MLG Players have a MLG meltdown because nothing works !! :grimacing::raised_hands:

(K0oLAiiD) #78

I would pay money :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: to see that!

(chaaze) #79

Yeah, let’s make a new forum to cut out those questions! :smiling_imp:

(III EnVii III) #80

haha the rage level would be over 9000 !