Recent Lag + Inconsistencies + Sponging - Is It The Servers or Players? - TC Please Read!

(SuperStevie09) #311

Played yesterday and thought i was being punished for commenting by being put on south brazil servers with 200+ ping at peak time in europe :laughing:. 250 is too high, was more making the point that a lot of people get away with horrible connections but display 40ms ping.
A few players i match against regularly kill me before firing a shot and they have the same ping as me, just from a different country.

I watched the gnasher videos that tc made showing the difference in spread and distance and got me thinking how much calculation is involved compared to other games/weapons especially when mid to close range can change so quickly.
I remember a while ago i streamed gears to my pc and played comp warmup and the only time the streaming got bad was during gnasher time. I wonder if the calculations from free to hard aiming of bullet spread, the close range auto aim and server ping all clash a ruin it.
In no way am i an expert, just something i think about while playing.

im usually the only one home or awake when i play (online anyway, more of a campaign player) and my kids are not old enough to use cell phones yet :laughing: Definitely a good setup you have though.

(Voltaire tron) #312

I’ve played GOW4 very little over the past few months and it doesn’t look like i have missed much lol. Does Horde at least still work?

(III EnVii III) #313

I don’t play Horde but it definitely doesn’t get as much people complaining about it!

(Me0wMix CatFood) #314

Finally had a tech come to my home. He just spent 2 hours testing every stage and junction all the way down to the street and found no instances of packet loss and nothing that would affect my ping.
He suggested that the game I’m playing might have issues with the quality of connection…

I was heartbroken because I was hoping there would be something on my end so I could fix it. No, I guess I’m just stuck with terrible connections as long as I’m a Gears fan… :frowning:

(magicalpig76) #315

I too have spent hours attempting to diagnose any problems on my end, from flashing new firmware on my router, experimenting with QOS, trying to reduce bufferbloat, basically reconfiguring my entire home network. If the problem is with the public servers, I really wish they would just tell us so. It’s forgivable to have server problems once in a while. What’s far worse is to not let us know about these problems and have the customers (us) scrambling around wasting precious time and money trying to fix a problem on our end that doesn’t exist

(Me0wMix CatFood) #316

I’ve gone through several modems and routers, the last pair which I spent close to $500 on.
The router has all sorts of bells and whistles to reduce lag.
Laid one continuous pure copper core quad shield line directly from the box to my modem.
The tech was impressed. I’m getting 112/12 off my 100/10 service and he found no errors.

Yet, right after he leaves I play Gears and I get stuttering, sponging, and movement issues around certain enemies despite having the lowest ping in EVERY lobby.

Still won most of my games and placed top 2 on my team every time with 2 MVPs so I’m not a sore loser. I actually love the game. The connections just hurt my heart. It’s like being in love with an alcoholic. It hurts both of you.

(Krylon Blue) #317

I feel your pain on this as my friend and I have tried to play a few matches tonight including a few Social and 2v2 Gnashers. The lag has been so bad tonight it’s as if they flipped a switch that causes everything that I try and do to be ignored just so I can teleport into an enemy with a high ping despite my ping being low.

In Social we saw pings as high as 300ms and as one would expect it wasn’t unplayable. In 2v2 I just went 1-9 because I had a 5ms ping but one of the enemies had a 105ms ping which made every shot I fired, regardless of which enemy, not register. I witnessed so many instances where I point blanked an enemy only to be gibbed myself as the death screen doesn’t even register me recording any damage. Add on to my movements were broken too which includes trying to slide into cover but I go through the cover right into the barrel of a Gnasher. It makes no sense as to why a ping that stays steady is teleporting right into the high ping enemy. Is the game coded to catch up to the high ping players connection thus placing me where he sees me so I die? That’s what it feels like and it’s not fair.

If this is some kind of sick joke it worked. Please stop forcing me to deal with these high pings because despite what you guys tell us it’s a known fact with indisputable proof that high pings mess up this whole game for anyone with a lower ping. When an enemy can down you from 10 feet away but I do 0% with 4 point blank shots there’s an issue and it happens in every match. There is nothing I can do to improve my connection because it’s already running great. Either make these players with bad connections suffer the consequences of their poor connections or stop pairing me with them. After all, I can go play Battlefield V with 64 players and vehicles on large maps while experiencing no lag. There is no excuse for Gears in 2018 to have these issues. Other companies have proven games can run well.

(The Evil Moo) #318

Almost feels like it huh? I swear playing this game with a stable internet connection feels exactly like playing other games with a garbage connection.

(Krylon Blue) #319

It really does.

I’ve never seen any of this in Battlefield, Halo 5/MCC, Titanfall. It’s not even this bad in a P2P CoD game although there are many issues to be had there.

Many of us have tested it and confirmed that the better your connection the worse the experience is. The worse your connection the better your experience is.

That’s backwards logic right there. If someone had told me this without me experiencing it I’d call them a liar because in no way is this possible… yet it is.

(The Evil Moo) #320

Just need to make sure the server side code accommodates the profile of your ‘playerbase’ and you can make it behave however you want.

I’m pretty sure the big guy inadvertently admitted on stream that the game breaks when unstable connections are present.

(HoesEatOreos) #321

Horde is perfectly fine honestly…that’s all I play now

(SuperStevie09) #322

think i might switch to wireless and place the microwave infront of the router. Silly me upgrading all my lan cables for a better experience :laughing:

(HoesEatOreos) #323

i heard a vpn connection will put you on an even playing field lol

(SuperStevie09) #324

i wonder how many people use them for gaming, and if the ping shown is to the vpn or the console

(magicalpig76) #325

I tried that. I configured OpenVPN on my router that I had just flashed with the open source firmware called Advanced Tomato. I set it up for an encryption-free connection and of course I chose their server in Mexico as my connection point. Results in game were not what I expected. My best ping was to the West Europe server and was 300ms. A wifi icon displayed throughout the game. When I would get a nice, clean gnasher shot on someone, one of two things would happen : I’d see them die about a quarter second after the shot landed or the shot would be sponged. I still had the feeling that movement was sluggish or sticky and fire button was not as responsive as it should be.
I then tried connecting to my VPN’s Texas server. This gave me a 100ms ping and game was still not feeling right.
This was with the VPN service called Private Internet Access. It’s possible most Gears servers blacklist IPs coming from this VPN’s Mexican access point and that’s why the game stuck me on the West Europe server.

(Krylon Blue) #326

It’s a good thing these players are mediocre as hell. Too bad the guy with a 313 ping has Diamond skins because he doesn’t deserve them with his cheating lag.

This isn’t exclusive to social matches. This happens in every mode. Why am I paired against sponge city who… well, I’ll let this song do the talking.

(Krylon Blue) #327

First ranked match of the evening we went against a 120ms, 90ms and 95ms ping. I can say with certainty that match ran horribly with enemies sponging shots and me being killed behind cover.

Oh well… typical Gears giving an advantage to high pings. It’s basically cheating regardless of if they choose to say it is or not. An advantage that isn’t obtained by other players is not fair.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #328

Got on early but stopped after just a few matches. Seemed like there was always a random teammate who was AFK half the time because his ping was slammed at 1100. Then, when they settled into a cozy 350 ping they would go and die over and over. This kept happening match after match with different people and it made the lobbies just horrible to play in.

(Krylon Blue) #329

Ouch, exactly why I won’t play without a team. We ran into this tool that talked so much crap yet he lost both matches. Tried to claim he was the best player in the lobby two games in a row even though he was getting smoked. He claimed to be a Diamond 3 currently but he was a Diamond 2 which we found funny because he doesn’t even know his own rank. But that’s fine, he ate a few beat downs and a far distance Boomshot later on for good measure. He then says “5v3” because two of his teammates left while they were down something like 150-70 on Round 3. This is after we shut them out 180-0 in Round 2, lol. Probably because he acted like the objective was filled with lava and avoided it.


(III EnVii III) #330

I’ve just bought the fastest Ultra-Wide monitor you can get right now and will test out if there are any noticeable advantages when it arrives on Monday.

Never know, could balance out laggy players and connections :joy: