Recent Lag + Inconsistencies + Sponging - Is It The Servers or Players? - TC Please Read!


Yeah I haven’t either. I’m hoping that everything calms down in the next couple days.

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Well the new packs are out today as well, so maybe not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hahah! I blew all my Cs on horde packs. No clue why…I think I was just upset cuz I hate those new UIRs

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I don’t play Horde so cant relate :sweat_smile:


I really only play if it’s a special event lol

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I’ve experience things like this lately. A lot of players mid animation or something. got my vault kick blocked by a player picking up ammo on the other side of cover. not countered, my character just stopped. Also the invinsible downed player.

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I agree on the packet loss. I really wonder how many players use wifi+stream or record their game with a connection that’s not that good to begin with.

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Yeah, most of the players going 30ms to 80-120ms and back down again are probably on unstable WiFi connections or are maxing out bandwidth.

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I just think there’s more to it than just the displayed ping. I play with people from all over, someone pinging with 250 using fibre is more reliable than wifi pinging at 30-80. because the 250 is at least stable and 0 packet loss.

2v2 gnashers was an eye opener for me, so much sponging and being exploded from completely different angles to whats going on screen. and ping was no indication of sponginess.

never know what kinda setup people have at home, office, college/uni. bandwidth and who is sharing it. Ive teamed up with guys wondering why my connection feels off and they were playing in the college dorm sharing 3 Xboxes on wifi.

and now I read players use cellphone hotspots, wft?

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While neither situation is great, 250ms is way, way too high. It messes with the games lag comp either way.

2v2 for me only doesn’t work because firstly, it’s Comp Gnasher and that is so inconsistent in itself as TC has messed with it so much and also the high pings which make it even worse.

Exactly - you can only know your own. I personally have nothing else running simultaneously no matter what and have a completely separate ISP running all my WiFi devices. My main connection is for my Xbox, PlayStation and PC only.


I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate, because I will be 30, then I’ll jump into the 100+, making the game unplayble. But then my brother will play Titanfall or Battlefront, and everything is really smooth. My connection is perfect, and yet Gears lags unlike any other game, (seemingly) regardless of connection strength.
That’s my experience anyway

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It’s entirely true that if your connection is unstable or maxing out bandwidth that it will lead to increased latency - WiFi connections are more prone to this due to the nature of the connection and outside interference.


Oh no I don’t disagree that an unstable connection will lead to lagging. It just seems that Gears the unique capability to lag even when the connection is just fine.

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Yeah, that’s down to the Lag Compensation that TC have injected into this game due to a large playerbase that they want to cater too has terrible connections - it also sucks for everyone else who has a good connection.

Me and @Krylon_Blue have discussed this at length.


Sorry. Must have missed it. I’ve just been skimming through the forms lately lol

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It’s a lot to read anyway :joy::v:

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The discussion has gone on longer than a legit novel.

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We should publish our thoughts in said novel, make a fortune :joy:

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It would be 1,000 pages of lag discussion.

We could call it “Lags of War: An in depth look at playing Gears 4 from a technologically established country”.

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And then get DC Comics or Marvel to do the illustrations :joy: